4 Months In, Fantastic so Far but Struggling to Fast


(Chris Miller) #1

Greetings! I just want to share my journey, and open myself up to suggestions and encouragement from this awesome community. Thank You in advance!

I started Keto in september of 2018, after being steered toward the 2KD podcast by a ketoid friend. At the time I was a 34 year old male who weighed 300lbs at 6’1”, and have been a big person since childhood. We had our first child, Elijah, in January of last year, and the year had been a challenging one in terms of sleep, cooking, and job changes.

I dove in, followed the 2KD regimen, and immediately enjoyed not being hungry all the time, reduced inflammation, and brain clarity. I had some ups and downs involving regular dark chocolate habits and sugar cravings, but I’m happy to report that taking a sugar hiatus cleared those cravings up wonderfully.

I’ve been dropping about 10lbs/month since September, now down 43lbs and feeling wonderful about it. My wife is very supportive and just reported that My snoring has ceased! Despite the good progress, I have been struggling to get started with Fasting, but have had a really hard time with the psychology of skipping meals. One major thing I’ve faced with Keto is just how much of my hunger and eating habits exist only in my brain, and how much I can struggle with eating, even when I know pretty exactly when and how much I need to eat for sustanence.

Having just read the wonderful Obesity Code, and feeling fat adapted with blood ketogen readings of 0.8-1.8, I feel determined to try fasting. Really I want to achieve the next level of an already awesome experience. So, For the last week, I have stayed on an IF schedule, eating a largish supper around 4-5pm and otherwise just drinking black coffee in the AM. I’ve been taking daily Cal-mag supplements, electrolytes, and drinking a morning glass of apple cider vinegar bubbly water. It feels experimental, mostly positive. I’ve had feelings of dizziness and weakness midday, although not consistent. I have been bringing about 100cal of hard cheese or coconut oil to work (just in case), and have opted for the mid-day snack about three of those days. I’ve been feeling great physically, and lost about 5lbs and broke out of the 260s-this gets me super motivated! I am trying not to stress about Doing It Right, but I also want to be the best version of myself, and retrain my mind to have a better relationship with food. I would LOVE to feel good while doing a 2- or 3-day fast…yet it feels like a long way off.

What a great path to be on, though!


(Rebecca) #2

My advice is ease into it. Set a goal, but realize that it’s OK to end the fast early. And don’t forget to adjust your macros as your weight changes.

I’ve also found that sipping ketoaide:

Has been helpful in keeping hunger/food cravings under control.

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Hi Chris –

I’ve been doing IF on and off for almost 8 years now. At times, it is very easy, I’d say effortless, to fast. At other times I can’t do it.

I’d recommend doing a 16/8 once or twice a week and gradually working up in number of days and/or longer fasts.

If fasting doesn’t work for you, don’t sweat it. Fasting is fine tool for weight loss and other health reasons, but I feel there is more value to learning to lose and maintain weight while eating a normal daily low carb diet because that is how you are going to be living the rest of your life … eating normal daily LC meals like a normal LC person. Getting into that rhythm and healthy LC lifestyle may be more valuable long term than fasting.

Hope this makes sense and that I wasn’t rambling.

Good luck,


The above suggestion is excellent. I eased into it by first skipping my morning meal. Eventually I would skip lunch or dinner. So I often will do 18 or 24 hour between meals. I have done 3 day fasts but I personally don’t really enjoy them. A lot of it can be mental. Sometimes I fast without even thinking about it. I am just not hungry. Other times I will be fasting and hunger hits me hard…so I eat.

I wish you the best! Congrats on your success so far :slight_smile:

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #5

But you have already lost so much weight, you are obviously doing something right, Chris!

I would suggest reading Dr Fung’s Fasting book also, it is a fantastic read.

I’ve been on Keto since April 18 and I can fast for 5 days but only ever do 3, as I really enjoy eating, and struggling not to eat out of enjoyment is what I find the hardest, not the actual desire to eat, because I am not hungry!

Keep doing what you’re doing :slight_smile:

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+4000000000000000000000000 or so

(Cindy) #7

I think fasting is something you should want to do…or don’t do it. I’m not sure if you’re wanting to fast or just trying it as part of “Doing It Right.” My impression of it is that any way you do it that works for you is “Right.” I’ve also read that it helps to feast then fast…and since you’ve already been dropping 10 lbs a month, the feast day might be even more important. Feasting doesn’t mean eating everything in the house ;), but let yourself eat 3 meals if that’s what you’d like to do. Or just 2 meals…then the next day, no meals. Then the following day, eat 2 meals again. Or maybe, since you’re feeling dizzy mid-day, try eating a full breakfast, then just see how long you can go without eating.

I guess I’m just trying to say to PLAY with it. No rules, no “doing it right.” Just see what works best for you in determining when to eat and when to fast.

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But yes, good post :slight_smile:

(Cindy) #9

LOL, I guess it could…depending on what’s in the house! I think that fasting, for some, has a lot to do with the mental need to eat. Hubby can’t miss any meals (and can tell time by his stomach), so there’s no way he can fast. If he ever tries it, I’m going back to FL for a few days…he’s a hangry person when hungry.

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We (and by we, I mean “I”) cleared the house of carbs before we started, so we’re pretty safe apart from the cherry tomatoes and the cauliflower in the vege drawer :slight_smile:

(Omar) #11

very wise advice

(Chris Miller) #12

Thanks to all who have replied. I am currently listening the Dr. Fungs Fasting book, and it’s super helpful. The idea of fasting really resonates with me because of my deranged relationship with hunger and food.

I think the ultimate reason for my Keto Journey will be taking control of this part of my life. It has already made such a difference in my relationship with food, and to be honest, with my wife. She had such a hard time watching me stuff myself over and over again. We had talked about it, but I felt helpless and defensive…unable to make meaningful change.

These days I feel like a new man! I have much more control, and I am learning so much about myself. Weight loss aside, I feel like I can’t wait to meet the “new me”, the happy healthy person who loves food and enjoys it without self-sabotage! There is such a parallel between watching my 12 month-old son learn to walk and sign, and my journey in learning my own body and what is possible. I can only thank Richard, Karl, Dr. Fung, and you all for making this information and support available.

Also, I’ve been such a fan of good style in my adult life, having vintage clothes and looking good! It’s crazy that now I get to go shopping in my old wardrobe. What a cool thing! And I so look forward to being able to wear vintage clothes that were never designed to fit obese people… basically I’m so focused on getting to a much much leaner state of being. I am an intense hobby adopter, so this one is even more intense due to the high stakes and physical nature. I can’t believe that I’m really on the road being a Healthly Person rather than the Indulgence Person I’ve been for 34 years…yay!

I really think fasting is going to be key. But I’ll not put too much pressure on it if it doesn’t work right away.

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I highly recommend The Obesity Code, also by Jason. It’s vastly better-written than the fasting one, and covers the same stuff, but more, and in a better way.

It is by far the most impactful/important book I’ve read in my life. (And I’m not into hyperbole about this stuff.)

It’s also a somewhat misleading name - it’s not only for obese people. Everyone should read it.

(Chris Miller) #14

Agreed on The Obesity Code, it was an encouraging and helpful read. The Fasting book is helping me feel supported in my fasting difficulties, in that it offers more “How To” that is relevant to my situation. I am loving Audible and the ability to instantly access these resources! Though I may buy hard copies in order to be able to give them away to friends…

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Ah, very nice. TBH, I still haven’t finished it because the writing frustrates me so much.

(Scott) #16

I read both and I to found the writing of the fasting book a bit wonky. Both are good but the flow of the fasting book is choppy.

(Chris Miller) #17

Since I can listen to audio book at work, I can tune out the weirdness and enjoy the overall message. I’m not sure I would ever take the time to sit and read it…not when so much other quality literature calls my name!