36 yo female, breastfeeding, want to start carnivore


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Hello :wave:t2: my name is Kiwi. As stated above, I’m a 36 year old new mother to a beautiful baby boy. I’m technically obese, high blood pressure, and have ADD (and I suspect Autism Spectrum Disorder). I do not want to be fat anymore. I’ve lost weight with keto in the past but I didn’t keep it up, and then had two more babies in less than 3 years.

I am here for help. Please bestow upon me your wisdom (and strength :joy:)!! I love all kinds of meat, especially venison, rabbit, lamb, and beef.

Is it best to stick to one kind of meat in the beginning if I’m seeking to also do an elimination diet? Should I buy only grass fed or can I do this cheaply/dirty (like keto) and get similar results?

Have any ladies on here done this while breastfeeding? If so, was your supply affected? My priority is to keep feeding my baby boy and have him get everything he needs from my milk.

Can I take supplements that have dried fruits, vegetables, and spices?

Thank you for your time.



You will likely hear a variety of recommendations from different people here - because there is no such thing as one size fits all. Best to listen to all and try out what seems to hit the spot for you.
Personally, I alternate between Keto and carnivore. That seems to work best for me.

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Thanks Velvet. I do have to cook for everyone in the household, and can easily omit carbs from my meals.

I just want to be rid of these junk food/sugar cravings, FAST!! My self control seems so low, as well as my energy level. My baby is only 4 months old so I know I’m still recovering from pregnancy and birth. Trying to be kind to myself.


You’re on the right track, getting rid of junk/sugary cravings is key and it may be hard for a couple of weeks. I have lost 120+ pounds with what I am doing, but that doesn’t mean it would work for everyone.

Getting through the initial phases is the hardest. It becomes very easy after a while. I can’t even imagine eating a lot of carbs anymore.

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Welcome Kiwi :blush:

I’m only half carnivore and digestion is great, no issues now. I started with keto and for some its a good approach.
Going straight from a SAD Carb diet to Carnivore may be a shock for your system. But as often said here, we are all different.

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Welcome to the Forums! My recommendation would be as follows:

First, there is no reason that pregnant or lactating women should not eat a ketogenic or carnivore diet. Do not, however, try to fast, until you’ve stopped giving milk. That’s important; trying to fast while keto and lactating risks a condition called “euglycaemic ketoacidosis.”

Second, your body is under just as much metabolic strain as when you were pregnant, so you’re still eating for two. This means supporting your body with plenty of protein and plenty of fat.

So my conclusion is as follows: Your protein intake is supporting both your own body and the baby’s. Naturally, this will change as the baby is weaned, but for now, ignore any protein recommendations you read, and just eat. You also need fat, both to put in the milk and to fuel your own activities, so don’t fear it, either. On a low- or zero-carb diet, the fat we eat (and any excess fat we have stored) gets metabolised in place of the carbs we are no longer eating. They will try to tell you eating fat = getting fat, but that’s not true on keto/carnivore, which actually increases our fatty-acid metabolism.

As for the mental symptoms, they may or may not be helped by changing your diet. If you are taking any medications, DO NOT stop taking them without talking to your doctor. People have gotten into serious trouble by unilaterally stopping their meds. However, there is every reasons to expect that keto/carnivore will give you at least some improvement, so you should be prepared to alter dosages and even taper off, if that seems indicated. But enlist your doctor’s help at every stage.

The best elimination diet is beef only. Don’t worry about whether it’s grass-fed or not, buy what you can afford. Going carnivore in your current circumstances is going to involve eating a lot of meat, so you might as well save a few bucks. As long as you are cutting your carbs to less than 20 g/day, or to 0 g/day, you will see a metabolic effect. Once you get over the adaptation period, you can tweak things, but cutting the carbohydrate and replacing it with fat is the key to the diet.

If you are serious about going totally carnivore, be aware that there is an adaptation period, and you might find the symptoms a bit hard to take on top of everything else that’s going on. But give it a try. If you need to eat carbs at a keto level for a while first, there’s no shame in that, so keep it in mind as an alternative.

Another thing to be aware of is that your body is in a hormonally . . . “interesting” place right now. So you might or might not see immediate changes in terms of fat loss. Just be patient, because the metabolic re-arrangements your body needs to make have to come first. Just eat plenty of food and be patient, if the fat loss takes its time to start. In fact, the old-time carnivores’ advice to newcomers in practically every situation the newcomers face is “Eat more meat.” So have at it, and don’t skimp. It’s likely to feel like a terrifyingly large amount of food at first, but as you adapt, your appetite will become a better guide to how much your body needs.

Good luck, and God bless! Please let us know how you’re getting on.


I have no kids and I did things gradually anyway but I would be very careful, listening to my body, definitely not forcing anything. Some push against a carb addicted mind is one thing, I don’t mean that. But if you feel bad or your body creams for a tiny bit of carbs (as it did when I first tried to go keto), back off and try a more gradual approach - at least I consider that best, I can’t tell others what to do, only dare that in super obvious cases (like when one clearly starves themselves or barely eat protein).

Good luck and good health for you and your son!

I would do it according to my circumstances (as I actually did myself). If it’s a strain on you (financially or otherwise) to eat grass fed, don’t do it, many of us are fine without that (I can’t even eat ruminant, too luxurious for me but I prefer pork anyway and my body isn’t choosy). If you consider grass fed super good and you can afford it, it’s your choice.
I can’t do pure carnivore and don’t think I even need that so I am merely close and still got benefits I never got on keto but many people should go stricter. As I wrote, I needed a gradual approach anyway, HCHF->low-carb->keto->carnivore-ish, it was smooth and easy enough this way. But many can do it quicker and I see the charm of reaching our final form earlier… But it’s not my way. Some part of me would rebel and do bad things if I would be too strict. So it’s complicated and not just physical.

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Thanks Peter!! Yes, we are all different, so true. I’ve always struggled with an “all or nothing” mentality and it hasn’t served me well.

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I only mention a transition because only yesterday I heard an account from someone going straight from vegan to carnivore (now thats all or nothing lol) and they didn’t fair well in the smallest room!
Also a variation in meats and/or offal is good I’d have thought

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Thank you for your help Shinita!! I struggle with intense carb cravings at night (even when I’ve eaten a “SAD” diet the entire day). I never had carb cravings until I got pregnant with my first child, I didn’t even really like sweets, but now my sweet tooth wakes me up at night for a pb&j :sob::woman_facepalming:t2:.

Gradual approaches to things don’t seem to work for me. I don’t commit and then I don’t follow through. As I stated above, I’ve struggled with an “all or nothing” mentality for a long long time. It could stem from my ADD or potential Autism. Either way, the only time I lost my intense sweet tooth cravings was when I was doing keto back in 2018.

As far as the “beef” for the elimination diet; is it true that ground beef contains more histamines and can cause inflammation in our bodies? Obviously it’s much cheaper than steaks. Do you buy store bought? I have heard people say that they “go in” on an entire cow with friends and then get to purchase top quality from local ranchers.

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I’ve been vegan before, but drank like a fish and smoked two packs a day so I wasn’t the healthiest :joy:.

What is “offal”?


Offal is liver, heart, kidney - most of the things you don’t regularly find in stores in the US anymore. You can still find liver though, which is one of the most nutrition dense meats. And don’t forget that you need a lot of fat on Keto and carnivore. Forget this calorie thing, eat a lot of fat. BTW, I eat hamburger all the time. Burgers wrapped in bacon - yum.

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British term for organ meat

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Thanks so much Paul :slight_smile:. Lots of great advice in this comment, and I am definitely going to revisit it.

I do have some medical/biological education so I’m aware of the various processes that take control on a low carb diet. Fascinating stuff!! I did keto previously and remember that adaptation period. It was like going without coffee for a week, headaches, lethargy, brain fog, a bit cranky, and then- I felt like super woman!!

I’ve always been rubbish at counting calories and calculating macros, and frankly I don’t have the time for it anyway so your advice about eating as much meat as I want will be taken!! I can absolutely eat a lot of meat in one sitting, no issues there :joy:.

Thank you for saying “God bless”. God bless you as well!!

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Carnivores report that carb cravings go away fairly soon.

This is especially true for people who are addicted. As a sugar addict, I find it much easier to stay completely away from anything sugary, and it’s also helpful to avoid sweet tastes (even if from a sugar substitute). It’s just the way my brain works; total abstinence is easier than moderation.

I don’t know about that, but it could be true. What I found on keto, however, is that the lowered insulin greatly reduced my systemic inflammation, so I personally wouldn’t worry about a small possible inflammatory effect from ground meat. (And I don’t notice one, in any case.) Carbs produce a much more immediate and profound effect on my arthritis and other joint pain. If money is an issue, then buy cheap first, see what the effect is, and only spend more if you have to. If money is not an issue, then go for it. Buying a meat share, or part of one, is an excellent money-saving strategy, but does require abundant freezer space.

In my area, there is a local farm with a store that sells flash-frozen meat in supermarket-sized packages (as well as doing meat shares). It’s like getting a meat share without needing the freezer space, lol!

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Again, great comment, and thanks so much for taking the time to address each of my questions/concerns.

It is helpful to know that carnivores report a quick subsiding of cravings. It is abundantly clear that I am addicted to carbs!! My children are as well, but we can lead by example. My toddler and I ate grilled chicken for breakfast :joy:.

Yes, the substitute sweeteners can be just as addictive. I have to stay away from dairy because it makes my baby spit up and get fussy, and there are LOTS of artificial sweeteners/ingredients in dairy free products.

Do you drink coffee? I drink half caff, but I can wean myself off if needed or simply let it go if it will impede my progress.

That’s great that you have those kinds of stores near you. May I ask where you live? I just moved to the East Coast and need to ask around to find farms like you’re talking about. I’ve seen many fruit/vegetable stands on farms, but didn’t go in to look for meat.


Just stay away from processed foods, they like for you to get addicted to them and they usually contain a lot of junk. Eat real food. I drink coffee all morning and some afternoons. I do black now, but occasionally enjoy some heavy cream in it. I can’t have sweeteners, either. After a while, you don’t even like sweet anymore and wonder why you ever wanted it.

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I most certainly do. As the saying goes, you can pry my coffee mug out of my cold, dead hands. :coffee:

But carnivore feelings about coffee are mixed. It is considered a carnivore food simply because a lot of people who shaped the carnivore diet drink coffee. But on the other hand, many carnivores drink nothing but water. Amber O’Hearn, a citizen scientist and prominent carnivore wrote a blog post about what counts as carnivore or not, in which she mentions that most medications are plant-based and yet no carnivore scruples to take them, so perhaps coffee could be considered “medicinal” in some sense. :grin:

I am in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The farm I was referring to is Stone Mountain Farm. They have a Web presence, but I don’t know what their shipping area is. An Internet search on “meat shares” is likely to turn up something reasonably close to you, but I suspect that a lot of farms that do them are so occupied with local orders that they don’t show up on the Net. Look around for information about a local farmers’ market, and ask one of the farmers there for information.


Yeah maybe exactly that’s why… The lower I go with carbs, the less I desire carbs :wink: (Except if it’s high-carb, I very much desire carnivore with a burning passion after 2 high-carb days, usually after one. But I went low-carb about 13 years ago and my body LOVED it so promptly burned the bridge…)
It’s usually the same with sweets. I eat some, I want more. I eat none, I am fine.
In the beginning I couldn’t go too low, I needed some carbs to feel okay but the type and of course, the amount mattered greatly.

Hmmm… You need to do what works for you and it seems it’s very different from mine… What about doing it strict but if it gets hard, get a break? If that works for you. Though that is my style too…

I am not knowledgeable about beef and we here all taught by our moms never to buy ground meat so I never ever buy any kind of that. Anyway, I like to buy some nice slabs where I see the fattiness, marbling and the like. I bought beef in supermarkets and from farms alike, the price is the same here, the farm one is surely better and super fresh… If I would dare to try raw beef, that would be from there. They sell any amounts and some parts are extremely cheap (mostly organs though but I love them, at least liver and heart. ).
But I personally buy deer now if I fancy ruminant meat. Way cheaper than the cheapest beef cut (shin) here. A bit lean but still nice.

I am not sure how my Hungarian experiences help but it may be worth to find some nice farm around you…?


Oh you don’t need that on carnivore (probably), that will be helpful… I had to track every day on vegetarian keto as carbs came so easily… I only track out of curiosity near/on carnivore and only if I want to :wink: That’s nice. Not getting plant carbs messing with me in various ways is even nicer (I felt good, I just was uncontrolled, hungrier than on carnivore - or even close - on average). Some people feel they need plants on keto for optimal health and feeling really well, some find mere ketosis just isn’t enough.

I used to stay I was addicted to sweets, not sugar… As I easily swapped sugar to sweeteners.
I half-lived on sweets on keto, for reasons, not just because I had a huge sweet tooth all my life and learned to want sweets in the end of my meals.
And carnivore IMMEDIATELY took it away. Wow.
(It probably wouldn’t have been that perfect forever, I do stray, not because of sweets cravings though. But it was an amazing change and even if I stray, it’s nothing like my old times, thankfully.)
Not everyone is this lucky but you have good chances especially if you don’t even have a sweet tooth to begin with.

It definitely happened to me regarding coffee. WAY before than stopping eating my keto sweets. I trained myself well. It’s coffee, not sweets. Sweetness is overrated anyway, surprisingly easy to lose the almost constant need for it, at least I had this experience.
(I still love sweet things, I just don’t need them and would hate having them too often.)

It was my painkiller in my younger days. It stopped being effective but it still feels nice when I have a headache…
And I desire black coffee when I sugar poison myself (I don’t do that nowadays).
So it can be medicinal if you ask me. I still wish to quit it as I don’t always use it in a healthy way and I don’t really need it.