21 day fast - who's fasting with me?!


(Rahim Miah) #1

Hello, im making this to get some support for my extended fast.
Was looking for people to actually fast with me, im sure that will make it easier.
Ive fasted for 8 days max, and went from 91kg to 81kg, after eating for the past few weeks im stable at 83kg. I am now planning a 21 day fast. Problem is, i get to day 3 and break my fast, ive done that about 4 times now and its really frustrating lool
Im 19kg fat and 35kg muscle 5ft9 and im 22. Thanks for reading

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Hello, there’s a thread for IF/EF for January that was put up a couple of days ago.

(Lisa ) #3

Hey, I’m doing a 14 day fast (just finished day 8) but depending on how I feel I might extend it. So I can join you for at least a week while you get underway :smile: there are a few of us doing extended fasts in one of the threads I started. Also, there’s the monthly fasting thread. Best of luck to you.

(Rahim Miah) #4

I’ll check that post out, thanks. If i feel like breaking my fast, i’ll message u to see how ur getting on, that’ll be motivation for me


Here’s a simple solution for next time that happens: just resume the fast after that meal. I spent almost a year, eating 1 meal every 4-10 days, adjusting according to my social calandar. I lost all the weight I needed to (80+ lbs) at a rapid rate.

I’m in the midst of a fast right now. Like @lisylooby, I started after finishing Christmas dinner. Unlike Lisa, I ate on New Year’s Day, as our tradition dictates. I then resumed fasting again. My fasts are usually open ended, I don’t know have a termination date in mind.

(Lisa ) #6

Absolutely agree here - I’ve done fasts where I have had a small meal at the day 3-4 mark and then kept going, with no negative effects. You don’t have to be perfect - do what you can to get the job done :grinning:

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You do apparently lose the autophagy-style benefits, though, by doing so.

OTOH, Jason says that anything over four days isn’t increasing the overall (not just autophagy) effect/benefits anyway, so there’s that.

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He also strongly recommends that any fast longer than that should be done under medical supervision.

(Jane) #9

Good luck with your fast.

Are you fasting for fat loss or autophagy or ???

(Lisa ) #10

The term “medical supervision” is a bit dumb in my opinion. What is meant by that? It seems like they say that to cover their own butts and put the onus on someone else if things go pear shaped. I can’t imagine any family doctor being able to truly supervise you. You’d really need to be in a hospital with regular obs and bloods done etc etc. And that I know would not happen down here. I’m not saying to keep secrets from your doctor or anything like that, but it really would need to be someone who specializes in therapeutic fasting/endocrinology etc who would be of any help.

For me, autophagy isn’t why I’m fasting.

Just my 2 cents.

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You should look in the mirror frequently :slight_smile:

(Rahim Miah) #12

I wanted to do this but i couldnt find any information on this. Its reassuring to hear that yourself and lisa have done this. Im definitley going to be doing this then

(Rahim Miah) #13

Im doing it for fat loss

(Life is bacon, bacon is life) #14

Aren’t you a doctor yourself? (I got that impression, anyway, lol!) So if you don’t know, who does?

(Rahim Miah) #15

Is she a doctor? Nd i think the question was rhetorical

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Have you read The Obesity Code by Dr Jason Fung. It’s a mostly good and easy read.

It’s also a misleading name - it’s not only about obesity but also a fair bit about the science (not complicated) of obesity and metabolic syndrome, and also a lot of not eating. it’s a fascinating book overall, and well worth the time spent.

(Rahim Miah) #17

Enjoy reading so dr jason fungs book is going on my to read list, thanks

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It’s really really useful. Easily the most important book I read in 2018.

(Lisa ) #19

Yes, I am. That’s why I tend to be quite critical of the level of education doctors have around nutrition. I have worked in general practice (family medicine) and can definitely say that seeing a GP and maybe having a set of blood done before and after the fasting wouldn’t be particularly good “supervision”. Blood results take a while to come back and be checked, and what if for example you developed hypokalemia or hyponatraemia (low potassium and low sodium, respectively) half way during the fast but didn’t have your blood checked or an EKG done… that’s why I’m suggesting that the only real supervision would be a 24/7 stay in hospital. Plus, given the crappy food pyramid education we get, I highly doubt most doctors could safely guide one through a fast.

But on that note, feel free to ask me about that rash. I know you’ve been itching to. :laughing::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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