21 day fast - who's fasting with me?!


(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #21

I think he means a doc with a clue about this stuff, though, not yer average clueless one.

(Lisa ) #22

Yeah, I realise that’s what he means. Just trying to point out they’re pretty short in supply!

(If you're an elite-level athlete, then by all means use Phinney's numbers.) #23

Couldn’t agree more. My current doc is awesome and I keep her updated, but I can’t see that I would have bothered with most of my past ones.

(So much bacon, so little time) #24

LOLZ! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

(So much bacon, so little time) #25

@lisylooby Actually, I was amazed that when I signed up with my current GP last year, he actually appeared to know what I was talking about when I said something about my ketogenic diet.

Of course, he’s retiring in a couple of months. ~Boy, that lasted a long time!~

(Lisa ) #26

How are you doing? Cheering you on!

(Rahim Miah) #27

College has started and im enjoying it. Ive been eating keto for the past few days, and am hoping to do so for another 2 to 3 more days. I give myself a 45 minute eating window a day

(Lisa ) #28

So you’ve stopped the extended fast and gone to IF?

(Rahim Miah) #29

Yes exactly, im trying to mimick what i did before my 8 day fast; im sure i’ll be succesful by doing that. After a few days i’ll start the water fast

(Lisa ) #30

I think that is a great idea. I’ve got to the end of my extended fast and will switch up to IF now. Always a good idea to ease into it :slight_smile:

(Rahim Miah) #31

No way, thats good to hear. Was it hard?

(Lisa ) #32

I’d built up to it so it was familiar territory. I did have some trouble with fatigue around day 6-7 and did utilise bone broth. Cramps were a problem, but to be fair it has been extremely hot and I was no doubt dehydrated. Magnesium and potassium supps helped, as well as Himalayan salt on everything.

But all in all a good experience, 7kg lost (15lb) over the two weeks. Technically cut about half a day short as my dietitian this morning told me I had to stop lol.

(Rahim Miah) #33

Ive prepared some bone broth at work and am going to use it when needed. So have you reached your goal weight ? Its rude to ask for a womens weight looool

(Lisa ) #34

Not rude at all. I was already at my goal weight (actually had surpassed it!). Have lost 45-50kg in total which is 100-110lb. I stopped weighing myself when I reached a high weight 3 years ago so I’m guessing the total loss is closer to 110lb. I have a normal BMI and 29 inch waist. I’ve been working on building some muscle as well so weight doesn’t really matter too much to me.

(Rahim Miah) #35

Thats a lot of weight lost. When it comes to building muscle what do u do? Calistenichs is really interesting

(Lisa ) #36

Free weights. Bouldering. Functional, compound movements. HIIT. So yeah some calisthenics too. And a heck of a lot of stretching.

(Rahim Miah) #37

Stretching like yoga, im assuming. I want to be flexible and that stuff has always interested me

(Rahim Miah) #39

80 hours in and lost 13.5lbs. Havent been gym in about 7 months but will start calistenichs after the fast