21-30 Day Water Fast - Seeking Places/Retreats

(Drew Stern) #1

Hey all!

I’m looking to embark on a 21-30 water fast to help heal some severe gut issues.
I’ve done (2) 8 day water fasts in the past but this one is obviously a bit longer…

Does anyone know of any quality places that offer water fasting and are affordable?



(TJ Borden) #2

If you’re looking to pay to hang out somewhere to do s water fast, you can come to my place.

I’m pretty sure most everyone here just continue their daily lives at home/work when water fasting, even extended.

(the cheater) #3

Might not be a bad idea to take some time off work or school; I can’t imagine fasting for 8 days, let alone 30 with nothing but water and still have to maintain my social and professional obligations. I would literally lie in bed trying to sleep for most of it, I think! How was the 8 days? Any cool spiritual boost from it?

(Liz ) #4

Sounds Ike she found a good place here:

(Tom Seest) #5

Affordable has different definitions, so I’m not sure that True North would be affordable.

TrueNorth offers medically supervised fasts and I’ve had a friend that has uses their services:


However, they will be pushing a vegan / vegetarian lifestyle on you the entire time, so just be prepared for that.

(Drew Stern) #6

Thanks! Yea, I’ve been considering True North. They currently have a 2 month wait list…

Another good option that I found except it’s in South Africa.


(Suzanne Leigh) #7

I had a top notch experience at TrueNorth. I don’t mean a plush ‘spa/resort’ experience, but I got everything I went for–including my #1 goal which was resetting my gut health and resolving long standing constipation and recent, humongous belly distention–and more. I can’t recommend it highly enough. And yes, they do lots of education for a ‘whole foods plant based’ diet, which I thought I would hate, but as it turned out, I learned some things I didn’t know.

Plus, once I started eating, I got to try adding selected plant based foods to my diet without having to plan, shop, cook, clean-up. All I had to do was enjoy food I’ve avoided for several years (beets, kiwi, black beans, yams) and see how my system reacted.

They have cancellations and openings all the time, so if you’re really interested get on the list. My best friend was told last week she couldn’t get in until mid-May. She hated to wait but she took it. This week they emailed and offered her an opening starting April 17th because they had a cancellation.

If you have more questions let me know.

(Drew Stern) #8

Awesome! Thanks for that Suzanne!

I actually have a call with the doctor at TrueNorth tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I can get in sooner as well.
Thanks for the tip on cancellations. Like you, I’m suffering with severe gut issues and I’m hoping that a 21 or 30 day water fast will help sort this out.

It’s nice to hear others stories of success, provides more hope :wink:


(Suzanne Leigh) #9

You may not find out about a cancellation tomorrow, or maybe you will. I got lucky when I talked to the doc. He transferred me to the scheduler, and they’d just had a cancellation that fit my dates. My friend on the other hand had to book further out than she wanted, but within a week got moved to sooner dates.

The improvement in my gut health was nothing short of a miracle, and I saw plenty of other success stories while I was there. Best of luck to you and reach out anytime with questions.

(Drew Stern) #10

how long did you stay on the water fast?

(Raj Seth) #11

Methinks there are plenty of resources here, and water fasting in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by familiar routine and distractions would be great!
I have a demanding job, requiring focus and performance, and my plan from now on is to be fasting while working, and feasting when off work - it is a 3-4 days on, 3-4 days off cycle. Fasting when working keeps me sharp and alert, with the fringe benefit of not being distracted looking for food when away at work.

(Sarah ) #12


(Suzanne Leigh) #13

Sorry, I’m just seeing this. I did a 10 day water fast at TN. Many others fasted for longer…up to 40 days depending on your health challenges and goals.

(Whatever) #14

I was wondering if water fasting would make my menopause symptoms worse.

(Liz ) #15

I’m sorry I’ve no idea