2018 Targets

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Great thread! Interesting to read what folks are doing and what they hope to accomplish. :smile:

I plan to continue with BBS (Body By Science) at home. I’ve been weight training for years with different programs. Started with BFL (Body for Life) many years ago and got great results (ate lc). I had been doing HIIT on my elliptical but stopped that quite a while ago (when I started BBS) as I was afraid of losing lbm and did more functional outdoor exercise like lifting rocks and making trails on our property. I’m 70 years old, small and active. :grin: My greatest fear is sarcopenia.

Will continue with slackling and get back to juggling. Also, have a VirZOOM (hubby’s a techie) and it’s a fun workout.

I’m curious about the Maffetone method and whether it’s applicable to my situation as I want to keep an aerobic workout in the winter using the elliptical. I did it once already trying to keep my heart rate at 110. Seemed pretty easy compared to 20 minutes of HIIT.


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well the whole point of MAF is to lower the total stress on your body. MAF is not saying HIIT is wrong but if you do not do the vast majority of your exercise at MAF you will not be aerobically fit.

The point being the wider and deeper of your aerobic base then HIIT has far more impact in events. Frankly in your situation I think MAF is not worth it as not planning like some of us do, Marathons, long rides etc.

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@ianrobo, thanks for your input. I loved running in my 20’s but moved onto weight training and HIIT after a sports injury (unrelated to running). MAF might have been useful way back then. :smile:

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definitely !! back then it was called building a base but the same but never quite defined as much. Basically most of the African runners would be MAF trained as they used to long endurance runs with little speed work.

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as anyone had any further thoughts on their targets, so here is my 2017 cycling year being a full year on Keto with a couple of more rides to come !!

Record breaking year by a massive amount for Time/distance and height climbed, way above 2016

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I’d like to get one more ultra. This time on fat instead of stopping every few miles to scarf down cookies and gummi bears or whatever sugar is on hand. I look forward to cruising past the aid stations smiling and waving.

Still a way off. I haven’t run an ultra in a few years but I think late next year might be doable for a 50k.

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yes that feeling on my bike when I see better riders have to stuff down food, I get my water and carry on !! Whats the longest you have done on fat alone ?

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12 miles is my longest run since going keto.

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Strength program 3x/week. LISS 1x/week. Hiking on the weekends. These are baby steps for me and where I need to start.

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and as long as the targets are KISS and SMART then you will do it !

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good aims then !

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I just joined the Y and started lifting; I’d love to be able to bench press my weight by the end of 2018!
On the bike, I’ll be competing in my state’s Senior Games (I’m 58) in both a 40k road race and 5k & 10k time trials. My goal is to qualify for the National Senior Games.

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My favorite line from the movie, Office Space, when the main character was asked what he did over the weekend: “I did nothing, and it was everything I ever thought it would be.”

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There’s an old ultra runner joke that we don’t run to stay in shape, we stay in shape so that we can run. I’m one of those oddballs that genuinely just enjoy going for a run. I hated it in the military and only started really enjoying it in my late 30s. At first as an escape from a horrible marriage but now from a place of peace and happiness.
This morning I had 2 cups of BPC, nibbled a bit of butter, then in the afternoon ran 5 miles, not eating until mid-late afternoon. When I was a sugar burner this would have been unthinkable.
I got off track with distance running in the last few weeks not getting in the long runs but I still think a 50k is a distinct possibility and a good goal for 2018.

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2018 is all about getting into exercise for me. I joined a gym and have been going 2-4 days a week and taking long walks etc but not 100% committed to it.

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well you are a fair way there to it, what stops you for that last push ? Time ? family ? Work ? all three ?

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Time, Work, winter and psychologically making excuses because its the festive season. :slight_smile: I’m a morning exercise person and the winter months are so easy to lay in that extra hour!

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Yeah I am the same when comes to the morning but that is where motivation is key !

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so how did I do then …

Tenerife - completed the climb in one day, double not possible due to time taken, so a partial failure
Tour of Flanders - Completed in 7 and half hours (would have neem a bit quicker if not for a slight mech issue
London - Wales - London - not listed a couple of weeks ago, completed under target in 20 hours .

Feeling real positive for the rest !