2018 Targets

(ianrobo) #1

I think it is vital to set targets of athletic performance. Targets are set by you and what is achievable, faster, longer, stronger than where you are now, so my targets for 2018 are these

January - Ride Mt Tiede - do the double climb in one day, maybe the triple (7500M of climbing)
Easter - Tour of Flanders - for me the number one one day bike classic, ride the sportive the day before the pro’s complete in less than 8 hours - 220km long
June - Dragon Devil - as last season try and knock off 30-60 mins of this season’s time
July - Velothon - first time effort in wales, 100 miles, closed ride - under 5.5 hours
September - Revolve24 - 24hours around Brands Hatch

So what are yours, and before anyone says too early, well for those of us in the northern hemisphere this is our base period !

(Ernest) #2

Ummm, I do we follow that? HAHAHA!!

(ianrobo) #3

You follow it by setting your own targets which are achievable and realistic

(John) #4

Right now mine are simple, ride more than this year, and find where the hell I put my damn ride computer.

I have a 100k trail I will do as well.

(ianrobo) #5

On the bike or running ??

(John) #6

The bike, I just started riding a few months ago so no big targets yet. I would love to see how running goes on keto as I used to run a lot, but i’m 3 surgeries in on my left knee and hesitant to do that much impact. Oddly, cycling doesn’t bother my knee in the slightest even 3-4 hours of it and hills.

(ianrobo) #7

Well 100k on the bike would be some target. As for Cycling and I juries if u are set up correctly on the bike are rare unless crashed

(Ernest) #8

I know.
My target is to ride 5 days a week, 5 miles a day.
I use bike rides as my quiet time, not really for exercise.

(ianrobo) #9

And do that and that is your achievement and remember took me ten years to get where oi am now

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #10

I gave up jogging years ago to spare my knees, and frankly, I am afraid to get back on my bicycle, because I only had it for five days before it tried to kill me last year. I think my goal will be lying on the couch, inspecting the printing in books for defective letters, lol!

(ianrobo) #11

when you say tried to kill you what do you mean. For injury reasons I gave up running for the bike for exactly that reason (Hammy’s and Calves kept popping) and cycling is perfect for low impact endurance training.

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #12

Not sure what I did wrong (if anything), but the bicycle threw me head-first over the handlebars. I landed on my left arm and broke it in two places (complex fractures of the proximal and distal humerus) and broke my right wrist (complex fracture of the distal radius). The tendon in my right thumb ruptured after the surgery to repair the wrist, necessitating yet another operation to fix that. It’s real cool to look at the x-rays: twenty-seven screws in the elbow, thirty-four in the shoulder, only six or seven in the wrist.

(ianrobo) #13

ouch, sorry to hear that and I guess after an accident like the arm is never the same

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #14

Things are getting better. The left arm may never be 100% (the right arm is fine), but the surgeons managed to preserve a much larger range of motion than most people are left with, and I can still play the pipe organ (my profession), so I am truly blessed. Funnily enough—though I can’t honestly claim it’s related, I’ve noticed the biggest improvement in my left arm has come since I started eating keto!

Now, if keto would only turn my hair blond and give me four more inches of height, I’d be all set, lol!

(ianrobo) #15

well it could be related as Keto of course reduces inflammation


Thanks for starting this thread, Ian! I have lots of things that I love to do - mostly Bikram yoga, Ttapp, and kettle bells - but here are my specific goals for 2018:

Body By Science - figure out a way to do this without a gym (using body weight/kettlebells/handweights), and I actually have a nice head start on this thanks to great folks on this forum. Possibly find a trainer for the first few sessions, and give it a full 3-months to see how I feel;

Pull-ups - I want to do more than two of these! Aiming for 3 sets of 10 by the end of 2018 (actually by the summer, but at least by the end of the year);

Continue my minimum 70k steps/week, move up to 77k/week by mid summer.

(And two on my wish list: get to a full split on both sides; and not exactly fitness, but maybe maybe I’ll be brave enough to finally try the Wim Hof method.)

(Brian) #17

Cool!! Thanks for mentioning that!

I’ve not played too many pipe organs but have played a few theater (or theatre if you’re so inclined, LOL!) organs and a good number of electronic “church organs”. The most fun I had with an organ was a church in New Orleans where I played for a couple of years. Conservative Christian group mostly but with the culture of the area, I could get away with jazzin’ it up to the point of occasionally approaching roller skating music, and we loved it! That was fun.

Mostly, I play piano or keyboard, mostly gospel at this point. And since I’ve been located mostly in middle Tennessee for the last couple of years (trying to move here permanently), I’ve gotten involved with a few people who play some pretty good “mountain music” kind of gospel, sort of a cross between bluegrass and country, I supposed. The jazz flair doesn’t always translate well but it can be fun.

Probably way, way off topic, but I’m glad you posted what you did! After all, we’re way more than the sum of our… macros. LOL!!


I’m still in 2017 mode. I’ll worry about 2018 in mid December. :stuck_out_tongue:

(ianrobo) #19

ah I am in winter training mode, all events now booked and planned !

(ianrobo) #20

and as we say at work those targets seem SMART …