2018 Targets

(CharleyD) #81

Wonderful, earned my 3rd degree… now I’m scrambling to figure out what the next far out goal is!
Big Tournament is July 20th for me. More local one should be in Sept.

(ianrobo) #82

very good and I had a failure at the weekend for the Dragon Devil :frowning: not sure what it was but suspect my hay fever was really bad

(CharleyD) #83

Oh no! DNF or couldn’t knock the goal times off?

(ianrobo) #84

Well finished but did 160km instead of planned 300km ok some may not say a failure but I am very target driven !

(CharleyD) #85

Be on the lookout for self sabotage! I had to fail miserably at the last tournament to get my chimp brain to understand that this new event will not murder me :

(ianrobo) #86

Yeah it has left me feeling weak at giving up !! Not done that for such a long time … I should have continued !

(ianrobo) #87

so had a few failures, and really disappointed so this event came up and temps were very high here for the UK at high 20 C …

so was this optimistic ??

well no …

did the ride fasted as did not feel like eating when I got up and did it in 5hrs 6 mins and would have broke 5 hours if I did not have to stop for water at very packed water stops and put me in the top 10% of riders in a field of 10K.

So what happened my HR average was 152 (due to the weather) and well about MAF and yet felt good throughout. Whilst others riding with were continually on their energy drinks, gels etc I was flying through on nothing but water and electrolytes …

A very interesting experience to say the least !

(ianrobo) #88

on and completed Revolve24, got the everesting , my target was 530km but completed 490km but still very happy at that and entered straight away for next year.

Overall view of 2019 - VERY VERY positive … as mentioned there was on failure but all the others - very successful and all within the targets !