2018 Targets

(CharleyD) #41

Jumping in while your guts are churning from stress, anxiety, butterflies, fear and adrenaline is good for you to learn to control when you’re out of your comfort zone.

Every time it’s over you look back and say that wasn’t so bad, and you build a little bit more indomitable spirit.

(ianrobo) #42

and you do have the time, never knew a cut off time but actually lose a bit of weight through keto will 100% help and doing MAF running means less stress on body so less likely to break down.

(ianrobo) #43

oh totally if you had said three years I would set a target to do the Marmotte and complete it and then a year later under Keto be two hours quicker I would have said you was crazy ! For me the motivation is beating targets which seem way out !

(David) #44

Yes. There is a 5 hour cut off because they close the Strip for the race. I think they have a bit of leeway but I would like to hit the target.

(ianrobo) #45

well remeber you train at MAF but in a race situation that allows you hit faster times and be aerobically fit. Just check my races out where I sustain an average HR of 150 plus over 6 hours with no stops except for water and no extra food …

Thats so powerful, just the problem there is the heat of course

(ianrobo) #46

probably going to add one more target on. At Brands Hatch racing circuit they do a 24hour event, yeah that sounds fun and actually at 3AM in the pitch black, very mentality demanding !


My 2018 targets:

  1. Jog 5 miles
  2. 10 pull-ups
  3. Tee off at 100 yards
  4. Play the drum part for Steely Dan’s Bodhisattva.

(Ben) #48

OK so my 2018 target is to run the Humber Half with @Chance

(David) #49

That’s a commitment Ben. We need to get some “powered by ketones” running shirts.

(Vicki Stroud) #50

No jogging it is just not enjoyable. Get back to walking the dogs 5 miles twice a day, lots of really good hills around my house, to prepare for some long day hikes late spring into summer. So on top of getting into the keto lifestyle, I also ordered a Cairn subscription so I get a monthly goody box of non food items I will be able to use on my walks and hikes with my boys. Maybe eventually do the Appalachian Trail especially since my husband scoffed at me when I asked him if he would be my ground/supply person were I to do it.

(ianrobo) #51

aarggghhh bloody hell just mad and entered @revolve24 now that is tough 24 hours around Brands Hatch ! instead of Velo Birmingham

(Mike Glasbrener) #52

Thanks Ian. I love the thread… I want to get back to 5 cardio sessions/wk, get my knees stable and do a 50-70mile 3-5 kft climbing ride once each weekend… I’d love to do Levi’s Grand fondo again but that’d be aggressive since that’s 100 mike ~9500ft climbing. Tris are out I think😭. Knees!

(ianrobo) #53

Yep you have to set your targets to your personal circumstances and no good busting yourself !

(ianrobo) #54

Oh if you look at targets here are two photos … One taken at 2016 July Marmotte, completes in 11 hours, the other one after being Keto straight after this so about 14 months on and done the Marmotte 2 hours quicker

So if you had told me int he first photo I would be like that int he second photo etc would have said it was impossible, targets are only limited by ambition

(CharleyD) #55

I’m floored! I thought you were a late 20-something year old based off your voice and vocal stress patterns on your 2KD podcast.
I’m sure you feel like one! Great results!

(ianrobo) #56

oh cheers !! so how old do you think I am then and do not get worried I am not offended !

(CharleyD) #57

Hah, putting me on the spot, I’d say late 40s, maybe 48? And trending younger :sunglasses:

(ianrobo) #58

OK I am 45 so not too far away ! I was hoping you might have said under 40 ha ha

(CharleyD) #59

A shave and a tan will put you around 40! :thinking:

(ianrobo) #60

actually quite tanned there ! it is the UK you know !

As for shaving legs, NOT a chance !