2018 Targets

(What The Fast?!) #21

@ianrobo I’m a wuss about riding in the winter! I usually do strength training and classes at the gym in the winter and then jump back on the bike when it warms up a bit. :slight_smile: BUT, I do want to do another century (my 2nd one) in the spring next year!

(ianrobo) #22

I hate indoor training so much, riding outsider is the only alternative left !

(What The Fast?!) #23

Haha, yeah I hate the indoor trainer, but I LOOOOOVE workout classes like kettlebells, TRX, and boxing!

(Paula Green) #24

Great targets Ian.

Take something warm for Mt Tiede. My husband and I were there in March and it was -2C and snowing at the top (we were in the car). We ended up cycling lower down the mountain. Try and get to La Gomera too if you can - we loved cycling there.

My targets are marathons next year - one in Maui in January and London Marathon in April. Hoping for good weather this winter for my training.

Oh, loved your podcast with the Dudes.

(ianrobo) #25

Thanks Paula, yeah I have seen it is quite cold up there in the winter but I have the gear for it if needed ! planning 4 attempts of it over the 4 days I am there !!

no time for La Gomera but staying in Los Gigantes so can see it from there ha ha

BTW interesting went up Tiede in August and it was 3C warmer at the top than the bottom !

with the marathon, any time targets or just to finish ?

(Paula Green) #26

I have done a few marathons and two at the end of Ironman (s). I’ve never trained solely for a marathon as I’ve always been cycling and swimming too :slight_smile: My best time was London last year in 4.55 so I would like be better than that. Maui may be a bit toasty for me so happy to just finish and have a nice time, But London 2018, well, nearer 4.30 would be nice.

Training going well so far :slight_smile:

Is your Dragon Devil a 300km ride? I’ve done the 100 mile Dragon ride and it was super hilly. I’ve also done a 300km ride in Sweden - the Vaternrunden, it’s flat but you cycle through the night which is hard if you like sleep -which I do. I’m very interested in following your goals next year.

(ianrobo) #27

yeah Dragon is 305km and 5Km of climbing, I loved it despite some poor weather, windy and wet ! but ike any endurance sport it is about keeping yourself in the right zone …

(CharleyD) #28

Rank up and get my 3rd degree black belt in taekwondo. Testing cycles/opportunities are every 4 months… need to pass 2.
There’s two big tournaments in 2018 for our school, really want a gold/first place in sparring at one of them!
Medalling in forms and board breaking will be gravy. :facepunch:

(Stephanie Sablich) #29

Hahahaha. Welp, here is the first time I’ve actually recorded my 2018 goals for fitness…

10K in Denver, CO- March 10
10K in Ann Arbor, MI- May 20
Half-Marathon at Cedar Point Amusement Park, Sandusky, OH- June 10
Marathon in Chicago, IL- October 7

I’d also like to continue and advance my yoga practice (currently I do restorative and Yin) and develop some weightlifting/toning routines.

(David) #30

My target is to run the Humber half marathon in June and the Las Vegas marathon in November. The first is feasible, the second aspirational. I have never run a marathon before and have just began to run regularly.

(ianrobo) #31

and I love those - SMART ones eh ?

(ianrobo) #32

I find if you write them down it helps motivate you to the end cause. That is some steep graduation there and I totally applaud you for the ambition !

(ianrobo) #33

one thing there a bit of difference between the Humber and Vegas !

(David) #34

5110 miles plus 13.1 to be exact :wink:

(ianrobo) #35

Mr Pedantic !

(David) #36

I think the Las Vegas marathon is a bit of a pipe dream. The start time is the equivalent of 3am UK body clock time, humidity is 0% and is 26 miles and the race takes place one day after I would arrive. But I really want to do it!

(ianrobo) #37

then do it, conditions will be tough but try and prepare best you can. by being fat adapted you will not need to worry about fuel so it is just hydration and if you train at MAF and even run at it you should be able to go on for a long time.

(ianrobo) #38

remember once you book flight and hotel you are committed, the last bit is just training !

(David) #39

It is my aim. Coincidentally I am a big believer in Phil Maffetone’s approach to aerobic exercise. The only trouble is at my advanced age (50), my training heart rate has me moving at about 13.30 minute miles, whereas I need to get down to 11.27 to compete the marathon within the time limit. Maffetone’s method can take months to show results so I will have to show persistence and keep my fingers crossed. I am also incorporating Jeff Galloway’s approach to “run walk run” my way there. It really makes sense.

(So much bacon . . . so little time . . .) #40

My goal is to avoid exercise completely in 2018. I have high hopes of achieving this goal. :smile: