2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge


(Meeping up the Science!) #121

My doctor is intrigued, so I will be getting labs before we start and again after. Hey, I’ll take vague approval. :slight_smile:

(Charmaine) #122

Ok, y’all, a local grocer is having a sell on different cuts and I need help choosing the fatter cuts (or should I just ask for steaks that don’t have the fat trimmed?)

  1. Ribeye rancher
  2. Ribeye Reserve Angus
  3. Chuck steak/roast



Ribeye would likely have more fat on steaks. The other terms, like rancher refers to how animal was raised (Most likely grain fed), and angus is a particular breed of cow that is known for tenderness of its beef for the fine marbling. But chuck is more economical and you can talk to butcher to keep your cuts as fatty as possible.

(Charmaine) #124

Thank you kindly!


Charmaine, all three of these options would be great for the month long meat eating. Perhaps, the best thing to do is go talk to the butcher, and see if you can can an even deeper discount. Chances are high that you can, since you are asking for less work (cutting off fat) and buying more than normal consumer walking in the store.

(Charmaine) #126

I’m going to look at the Amish Market and a local butcher also so I can explore my options. Thanks for your help!

(AnnaLeeThal) #127

I would do blood panels.

(Meeping up the Science!) #128

I am not terribly going to worry much about my fat levels for the month for the purposes of the experiment. If I experience adverse effects they will be addressed, of course, immediately. Just targeting the fattiest steak by percentage on average when possible and the results will be gauged.

I am going to disregard all macros and just eat fatty steak to satiety. I am living on the edge like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tom Seest) #129

That’s just silly talk right there. Aren’t you supposed to bury it in butter???


I will be burying mine in tallow if the steak isn’t fatty enough.

(Charmaine) #131

I won’t be able to participate as the rules state… cuz apparently I live in a fat steak desert. :flushed: so, I’ll be on the sidelines eating whatever fatty meats I get my hands on and adding fat to it if need be. Sorta like a parallel!


@Charmaine, it may be possible for you to get free or low cost scrap fat from the butcher (either a small butcher shop, or the butchery section of the grocery store). Here’s an example of rendering tallow fat (quick method) from beef fat scraps donated to me from a local butcher shop. The pieces of fat can be frozen for many months until you are ready to use them. Albeit once destined for the trash bin, these are still good fats great for cooking, and this tallow would make a perfect addition of fat to any cut of beef:

(Charmaine) #133

Thanks! I’ve rendered some before, so far the fat comes at a cost, which isn’t a problem, the batch I got from the Amish market, I didn’t like, their pork fat is much better quality, though.

(Alex Dipego) #134

Pretty cheap :grin:

(AnnaLeeThal) #135

Nice. How many did you buy?

(Alex Dipego) #136

4… :kissing::kissing::kissing::kissing:

(mseppama) #137

I am totally in

(eljay716) #138

I’m going to give it a try.

(Stephanie Hanson) #139

I was thinking the same thing. I’m not sure I can afford it otherwise.

(dawn.hakala) #140

Omg I think I’m signing up for an AMAZING challenge that’s right up my friggen alley!!!
Just last night I went to steak house ALL ALONE since the other half was out ice fishing for weekend…shhhhh he doesn’t know I did you this#!#!
I had me a 20oz RARE Prime rib with a couple trips to salad bar & baked asparagus… Oh my GOD it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZEBALLS!!! It melted in my mouth!!! Best hunk of meat I’ve eaten in a long time!!
So if I can have THAT steak every week…HELL YES I’m !!! Costco & I are about to be best friends!!