2/28/2017: Brenda & Donna's 30-Day Steak Challenge


(Stephanie Hanson) #141

That’s actually a great idea. I could afford that.

(Stephanie Hanson) #142

What types of labs and how frequently?

(Renee) #143

Oh this is my dream diet!!! I wish I could afford to do this. Everyone in my house loves steak. So it would probably cost me $50-75/day for a family of 6!

(betsy.rome) #144

Oh man you guys, somebody oughta convince Omaha Steaks to sponsor this!!

(Alex Dipego) #145

Won’t be doing this though I love the idea. I just feel so much better with fish included 2-3 times in my week. It’s noticeable without fish then adding it back.

(Becky Foster) #146

I would love to join you on this challenge! Will you let us know how we can check in everyday.

(Charmaine) #147

@Fiorella although I’m going to refrain from doing this challenge/experiment due to my planned participation in a fitness challenge for two months, I wanted to let you know, I’ll be able to get some beef/pork fat from a local grocer for cheap - like some change per lb! And I can request fatty cuts of meat and custom cuts. ~winning~

(Stephanie Hanson) #148

Oh now I’m super curious about your fitness challenge. Do share.

(Charmaine) #149

It’s a challenge that my accountability partner does 2-3 times a year. It helps keep me on track. He gives exercise challenge to be incorporated in my regular routine; minimum amount of minutes to workout; minimum amount of miles to cover any way I want; no sugar (not a problem); hours to sleep; water and that about covers it. It’s two months of intensity that I honestly get excited about. LOL

(Stephanie Hanson) #150

That sounds awesome. I joined a wonderful BidyFit group at the gym and am now MIA d/t a horrible cold/cough/flu/stomach thing. I wish there was a proven way to stay healthy with a toddler in daycare. The constant interruptions in my fitness regimen really bum me out.


Oh…yeeeeaaaaahhhhh! So happy for you, girl. Awesome!

(Charmaine) #152

You sound like my manager and her grandkids. She said she was giving everyone, including her husband hubby, cod liver oil tonight. LOL

(dawn.hakala) #153

Question for you guys… I am SO excited for this to start, I’m starting to look around for sales…
what are your thoughts on these prices?? I don’t usually buy these types of meats so I’m at a little loss here.

Porterhouse Steaks…$7.99 lb.

T-Bone Steaks…$7.79 lb.

Tenderloins (Whole or Cut)…$8.49 lb.

(Meeping up the Science!) #154

Depends where you live. Where I’m at most of those are $10 or more. It’s not terrible. I’m buying whatever I find at 5.99 whenever it’s there!


It depends on the quality of the beef. Most stores will either not label their beef or use labels to fool you into thinking you have a higher grade. You’re likely to get select grade at most places, unless specifically saying USDA Choice or Prime. The best price, for the best grades, will be at Costco. I think Choice is running about $8-$9 a lb right now. The quality difference is so worth it.

(dawn.hakala) #156

Those prices are from my local butcher shop… love the meats there and usually don’t have decent sales on meats…
Costco is getting visit this weekend too :wink: Love their meats and with the meat I will be eating during this time… the sizes they have are pretty perfect! LOL

(Meeping up the Science!) #157

@DawnH my local butcher shop charges 3-4 more, and it is worth it. It all depends what you would like to do. I find on zero carb I eat less too by a bit. I’m starting to buy and freeze mine now, too.

(David K) #158

Yep. If I am eating ZC, it’s usually a 16oz Ribeye and then I am good for 24 hours.

(I want abs... olutely all the bacon) #159

Piggly Wiggly has sirloin and chuck steak for $3.69 and $3.99/lb :blush:, head on out!

(Erin Macfarland ) #160

I’m in, can we practice before then?? :joy: