13hrs into my first 48hr fast, just checking in for accountability


This is the longest fast I’ve ever attempted. I’ve done quite a few 24h, very few 36’s, but this is my first 48h.
So far so good, but I want to maintain my positivity and motivation. Wish me luck!

(Laurie) #2

Good luck!

(Robin) #3

Wow. Impressive.

(Bob M) #4

48 is morning to morning?

(Butter Withaspoon) #5

Keep going!
If you feel good


You go! :muscle:t2:


My last meal was at 10pm on Saturday. I will have a small amount of food around 10pm tonight.
If I could restart the process I would have had my last meal a little earlier. However, if I feel good tonight I may just extend the fast to tomorrow morning.
Yesterday was not too bad at all. It helps to remind myself to remain in the present. Whenever I start to lose my focus I tell myself that I don’t need to fast for 48 hours, I just need to fast for the next minute. Then when that minute is up I fast for the next minute or 5 minutes or whatever. Those minutes add up and eventually whatever craving or intrusive thought I have fades aways.

(Bob M) #8

It seems to be going well. Often, the second day is the hardest, at least for some of us. It gets easier day 3+.

I asked about the timing only because, for me, eating causes me to almost immediately have to go to the bathroom. I’ve had to end my fasts at least by “lunch”, otherwise I’ll be up all night going to the bathroom.

(Jane) #9

You are doing well!


I don’t need to fast for 48 hours

This :point_up: is actually one of the main reasons I no longer put timeframes on my Fast. I used to decide to do a 2, 3 or 5 day, and it was fine I guess. But always felt like having that end point pre-determined, made it feel differently somehow? Now I just start a Fast and let it take me where it wants to go.

You’re doing well. And there is a Monthly IF/EF thread create each month, if you want to share your experiences there. :+1: I’ve attached this months below in case it’s helful…


Thanks for all the support from everyone. Ultimately, i did not make 48hrs. At the 38hr mark I was getting shaky. Not good when you have to deal with the public. No amount of electrolytes was helping either. I did make 41hrs in the end. I’m really happy about that too. It’s a new record for me.
I will be doing this more often now that i have some certainty about what I can accomplish.

Thanks again for all the kind words.