10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Keto


(Edith) #62

Well, I guess the question is how did you gain the weight in the first place? If stopping keto means going back to how you ate previously, then yes, I would imagine the weight will creep back on.

The Atkins diet has people slowly increase carbs once they have reached their target weight. When they get to a point where they are no longer maintaining their weight loss, then that carb level is too high. You will need to find your level of carbs that will keep you from regaining your weight.

(Susan) #63

Thanks! I’d not thought about a carb level on maintenance, jumped back to thinking calorie level. Fortunately I’ve always been pretty healthy and nutrition conscious, didn’t have to watch calories. After menopause had been the 1st time I’ve ever gained unwanted weight. I appreciate your reply.

(karen) #64

People are very different in how many carbs they can consume and still be in ketosis, which is very helpful for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Everyone says “20 net carbs or less” as a starting point, because that’s pretty much guaranteed ketosis. You may find that once your body is fat-adapted you can consume 40 carbs a day, or 60, or that one day a week with a sandwich or potato chips works for you. I’m 55 and a similar size to you, and personally, I’m devoted to NOT putting the weight back on no matter what that means! (But yeah, I am hoping for the occasional slice of pizza or ice cream cone in some utopian future. :yum:)

(Susan) #65

I was really good till late june, then visits with my 92 year old parents and kids in town with lots of little ones running around, I can’t ask them to not eat things they love, so got side tracked. Lost 18 lbs, but gained back 3. Starting over on keto today. Thanks!

(Ken) #66

Doubtful your gain was fat, three lbs is probably well within the amount you’d store as glycogen. You were in Maintenance, rather than regaining fat.

(Susan) #67

Ahhh, hadn’t heard of that. Thanks!

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #68

I started a ketogenic diet in order to restore my metabolic health. The diabetes risk is high in my family. I’ve achieved that goal and lost sixty pounds as a delightful side effect. Even if I never lose the additional forty I’d like to lose, I’m keto for life. Turns out I like my feet and toes more than I like even glazed doughnuts—who knew? :bacon::bacon::bacon:

(Stevie A Moran) #69

Thank you. There is so much online it is confusing. I have lost weight and then stalled so I have changed me app to a higher amount of fats and calories and see if this gets me going again.
I have ankylosing spondilitis so I am trying to lose some weight before I put any impact on my body with increased exercise.

(Chris McRoberts) #70

My kids (14,and 12) have said they r interested in going keto. Are they too young?

(Raj Seth) #71

Never too young to eat the way our bodies have evolved to eat

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #72

No reason they can’t eat a ketogenic diet. I would strongly advise not stinting on protein and calories during their growth spurts, however. As long as they keep their carbs low, they should eat whatever else they need.

We have a couple of teenagers on these forums who are doing keto on their own, as well as a number of parents with children who have found a ketogenic diet to be helpful.


@KetoKate, Thanks so much for this. I have only been doing the keto WOE for a little over 3 weeks, and have gotten a lot of negative comments from family and my Dr. As a T2DM, I can say that NOTHING has worked to bring down my BS, no amount of meds, until after I started on keto. The only thing my doc says is to “lose weight” and then push more meds. No thanks! My BS and BP are both coming down, and I’ve already lost some weight. I’ll continue w/ the keto plan, thank you very much! :smiley:

(Edith) #74

Good for you! That must be very satisfying!


Yes it is. And I feel good overall.

(Chelsi) #76

What a nice read, thanks for posting.

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We just buy a cow lol

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Random Question…When does a “newbie” graduate to an “Oldie”? :smiley:

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When you can answer more questions than you ask?

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Thank you! I guess I am not there yet…:smiley:


Most of the foods that people eat on keto are great for kids - lots of great protein for their growth, lots of good fats for their brains! Personally I wouldn’t worry about some carbs if they’re in the form of a decent food (squash, sweet potatoes) as long as that’s not their main source of energy. Little kids - especially if they’re as active as kids should be - go back into ketosis pretty easily. I’m not sure about 12 and 14 year olds but I think that their bodies can probably keep that as a default state more easily than we can.