10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going Keto



Two months… let me count first.

… nope, I didn’t manage to have a no-break two months keto yet. The combo is always broken once per 1~3 weeks. <_< Of course, this broken is more like I tried to control within 50~100grams of carbs, just not 20.

You mean instead of trying to adapt to “eating fat”, actually this is more like adapt to “not eating carb”?

(Stephanie ) #43

Love it! Thank you :blush:

(Ken) #44

Yes. What actually happened is that the chronic Carb based pattern caused resistive states of the “Fed State” anorexigenic hormones like insulin and leptin. This enabled fat gain. Eating a fat based, lipolytic pattern reduces and eventually eliminates this resistance. The goal is to get to a balanced, insulin-glucagon and leptin-ghrelin secretion state when you can consume either fat or carbs with equal efficiency. Overall detrimental effects of a chronic, Carb based pattern are dealt with at the same time.

If you’ve been eating primarily lipolytic for two months, you can experiment. It’s highly unlikely that you consumed enough carbs to halt the adaptive process, you just temporarily suspended lipolysis. Now, this is not a requirement, just an option, especially if you’re experiencing energy balance issues possibly indicating negative metabolic effects. This varies widely for individuals according to multiple factors. However, it’s also OK to just take a short break and consume some foods you’ve missed. No big deal. But, you may find that some now affect you in not only different, but distinctly unpleasant ways…

(Hoteski) #45

Great post. I can vouch for the food shopping bill going down dramatically. As I only eat once a day (don’t feel the need to eat more often) I find that the food I bought 2 months ago in my freezer is still there. Also cooking at home I’ve found my muse in keto and made some amazing meals. My bf who’s not on keto enjoys everysinge meal I cook.

(Stevie A Moran) #46

Thank you. I have only recently started on KETO and I downloaded the suggest app. I have been struggling to make the diet work for me with calories and when I see what people are posting I am so confused as if I try to do the same I am over my limt. My limit on this app is 1239 calories a day but in order to consume enough fats I’d have to go over it - not in huge quantities but definitely over them. I have lost weight but is there an easier way as I am struggling.

(Ken) #47

Personally, I wouldn’t be too concerned with calories initially. It’s more important to follow the macro rather than worry about total intake. Just eat to Satiety. First, you focus on adaptation for the first two months, then, if not losing fat (normal rate of about a pound per week or so) you can make some adjustments.


That’s really well written and useful for someone like me starting out thank you. :+1:

(Stevie A Moran) #49

Thank you. It has been so hard with the calories! I shall up the fats now and see what happens. :slight_smile:

(Irma Reitz) #50

Yep! I agree that when I take a teaspoon of ACV and 1/4 teaspoon of Himalaya salt I definitely feel more energetic and cramps which troubled me when I started Keto is much improved. I also use a pinch of cream of tartar which is high in potassium every now and again.

(Ken) #51

For you folks just starting, you have much wider latitude than what these keto calculators show. You can easily go up to 35% protein and down to 60% fat and still be soundly lipolytic. (Keto). So, don’t get too hung up on precise macros. Fat levels at 60% or higher are fine, but carbs initially should only be trace and/or incidental if possible. Zero Carb is fine as well. Don’t worry about calories, eat to Satiety. A good guideline is two thirds meat to one third fat (or a little more) by weight.

(cheryl) #52

Good info , I didnt know about the cream of tartar.

(Irma Reitz) #53

I heard about it on YouTube ‘Thomas deLauer - morning drink recipe and adrenal fatigue’. His focus is on the science. Well worth listening to his videos

(Kath Galvin) #54

Thank you. This is really helpful.

(Terence Dean) #55

If you are new to Keto Stevie the main thing is to keep the carbs to less than 20g a day, and eat fat to satiety even if it goes over what the app is telling you. The idea is to get the body used to metabolizing fat rather than carbs for your daily energy needs, this process takes time and you may experience “keto flu” symptoms but research that on the forums. When you adapt you will find that you will not feel hungry all the time. Oops didn’t see Ken’s reply…ditto.

(Joann) #56

Great information!

(RachaelBarrett) #57

I’m a newbie here…seriously, less than a week on keto diet, yet, I agree on grass-fed, organic foods being an important first step. Why? Well as someone once told me… “If you think grass-fed meat is expensive, try getting cancer…now THAT’S expensive!”

(Ken) #58

Grass fed and organic foods are not necessary, and not a keto rule. They are a personal choice. They will not get you into lipolysis any faster or more efficiently.

(Susan) #59

Thanks for your comments, I’m new to keto and have a couple of questions. 1st basic info: age 63, female, weight all adult life: 108 lbs, no health issues, menopause age 53, weight at 62: 148. Keto now 2 months, weight 132. I just wanted to lose 20 lbs, didn’t think about this as “forever” diet. I’ve been told once ideal weight achieved, if quit keto, weight comes back. But if I eat moderately, does it?

(Raj Seth) #60

That calorie target seems small. Most online calculators will default to a deficit to lose weight. That is the obsolete calorie deprivation model. No no no. Set it to maintain weight

(Raj Seth) #61

Well, How do you think about it now? After 2 months on keto, if you have not strayed off the carb restriction path, you are likely fat adapted, and are enjoying the wonders of Keto clarity, lack of hunger, and increased energy - yes?
Would you be willing to go back to carb fog, food controlling you, hunger, bloat etc?

Keto - come for the weight loss, stay for the health and energy!