1 Year progress photos

(M C) #1

One year 333lbs and today 227lbs. 106lbs later with still quite a ways to go!! I am still so excited for my journey. Even with stalls here and there I am so happy with my progress that for the first time ever I posted pictures of myself on the internet! /gasp

It is so wonderful to feel better, have more energy and to now be off of all my rheumatoid arthritis medications now for over 6 months! Had a physical last week and caused my GP’s jaw to drop. Feels nice. I know I have quite a ways to go but I am finally to a point where I need to loose less than 100 lbs!

Good luck to everyone on their journey. KCKO



(Candy Lind) #2

AWESOME SAUCE! Great progress there. Has anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Kristie Sullivan (of DietDoctor.com and “Cooking Keto with Kristie” fame)? At least you do in the “red cheeks” photo! :wink:

(M C) #3

haha no I have not heard that one. Gotta love red cheeks! At least I never have to apply blush!

(Candy Lind) #4

You look like someone embarrassed you! Are you just naturally pink-cheeked? Guess that means I’m red-faced for the second time tonight! :blush:

(M C) #5

I have always just had really rosy cheeks. Rosacea I suppose. It does not bother me most days, I just embrace being brightly colored! :slight_smile:

(Doug) #6

Wow, MC! That is a heck of a good year. Cheers!


Terrific job!! :tada::clap:t2:


Amazing transformation!!! Your new “you” looks like a completely different person. Well done so far, and look forward to seeing your updates as you transform further :smile:

(Shawn) #9

Awesome job. You look great and I bet you feel better too.

(Carolus Holman) #10

Amazing job. You look so healthy and happy!

(Karen) #11

Congratulations! What a striking difference!



That’s marvelous, congratulations!

(matt ) #13

Great job!!

(Newimprovedme ) #14

Great progress. Keep up the good work.

(Troy) #15

So awesome!
Impressive :grinning:

(Retta Stephenson) #16

Wow. First impression of the “after” pics: young, perky and vibrant!


Wonderful ! You really look a lot younger and really dynamic ! Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

(Gracie) #18

Wow! Impressive results. Congratulations! :heart_eyes:

(gayle) #19

WOW! You look amazing. This is so encouraging to see. It gets frustrating to loose, gain, loose again. I found that no one ever noticed I had lost weight until it was over 30 pounds. When you have over 100 to loose it is a long haul. You have inspired me to enjoy the process. I hope to be down a hundred too! God bless your continued success and keep sharing.

(CH) #20

Congratulations on your success - you look great and such a beautiful face!! You are an inspiration - thank you.