Zoiks! Out on a limb and hanging on by my supplements!


Meanwhile we lived our last years under USSR and low-fat wasn’t a thing. At least I never saw anyway eating low-fat but I am glad people are very very resilient still.
Oh there are so many things other than salad and cooked veggies, all the grains and legumes are there (legumes has protein but some fits into 10%). I never liked salads and cooked veggies (I loved raw veggies just not salads, IDK why I am like this, they are theoretically close) but if I go very saeriously low-fat, that’s 50+% fat, no matter the carbs so I could never try that anyway…

But what an insane idea, eating 10% protein as general. What if that’s too low for me? Must I seriously overeat to get my protein? Makes zero sense.

Why no dairy? Not even unprocessed, raw ones?

People are weird, I often say. I never ate in a way I felt no desire for but fixed percentages are just wrong.

NO SALT? OMG. The only items I can eat with little or none added salt are fatty (or fruits). But salt is important…
The only 80% carbs woe I was familiar in the past (as I heard about it, I obviously couldn’t ever try) was some vegan woe with lots of fruits…
I heard about Pritkin here on this forum, maybe I heard the word before but I don’t remember. Atkins sounds more familiar (and I got interested, researched several years ago and realized it’s impossible for me) but when I was very young, I surely never heard of that either. But I never heard about high-fat being bad at that time so I consider myself lucky.

Now (quite recently or my brain tuned it out)? Everything is full with going vegan for the planet or at least buying super lean meats and making them without any fat… But the people like fatty meats (like pork belly) and they are everywhere, often on sale so I doubt it will be successful. It’s so odd when super fatty meats go on sale and the next page talks about eating almost fatless meat dishes… And the next page is all about super expensive vegan fake meat.

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I am sharing this with a family member who thinks I am obsessive to a fault. I have been weight stable for YEARS, smack in the middle of the BMI. What I’m doing works. So there! Thanks for saying this out loud.