Zoiks! Out on a limb and hanging on by my supplements!


Damn! Say it VIC!!!

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Let name the November ZC tread the “ZC Meat overlord november” or something :grin:



yea I have to say ‘Overlord’ is a darn good name going into Nov!

I feel ya on that Vic!! :crazy_face: We who get it!! :100:

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The question is always whether the weight in question is fat or lean. Since you say your clothing size hasn’t changed, you probably gained some muscle and strengthened your bones.

I’d venture to say that’s a good thing, but that’s just me; I know many people consider the number on the scale to be of over-riding importance and are not concerned with their body composition.


actually it is a great indicator of ZC is doing one well

you weight more on the scale but shrink or stay in size and gain muscle and still delete those extra fat stores.

so yea it is what carnivore plan does for us and just as the multitudes of those leaving the scale behind in the dust to further gain real health!

body composition changes all the time on carnivore, just ever so darn slowly most times, but you hold it, when ya see it you think…where the heck did that come from? Like my core pack area…I never had a ‘lean line showing’ on the sides of my body as a LINE and I know it is taking me somewhere, just not sure where but if I keep the plan, I KNOW the final factor will be a great one…so yea we can change over time point blank years into this plan…key is keep the faith in the plan. It shows us so much.

not preaching here but for us carnivores it is changes like this that keep us here among other stuff of course in our lives.

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Just to say that I don’t live by anyone’s plan or a perticular Authority.
I made my own Keto plan long before I came to this forum. It just so happens to be very close to the Carnivore WOE.
My own set of rules is still evolving ever so slowly.

On the subject of supplements. I don’t use them and do not seem to need them.

I do use salt.

I use to eat some fruit now and then for the vitamines, but the last couple of years not so much, it seems to be a bit pointless.
Eggs, liver etc have more vitamines than fruit or even pils.

Turns out my food has all I need

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Made me think of

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow

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LZ :sunglasses:

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I’m old enough to not only know the reference, but to now have that song stuck in my head!

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Now that “Overlords” has been adopted… do I get one of the rings forged in Mordor? I very much like the idea of power, immortality, and my fave… invisibility.

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'T was in the darkest depths of Mordor
I met a girl so fair
But Gollum, and the evil one
Crept up and slipped away with her


you get something better, your health back…weeee…

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Yeah my calories got really low at times on keto 700 or so …yeah I’m sure I lost muscle mass and when the hunger finally hit me on carnivore I kind of freaked out a bit but I was too hungry not to eat lol…

I keep changing things up as suggested by Dr C …so luckily he doesn’t worry about calories either I don’t miss all the calorie counting …occassionally I’ll weigh my meat just to get an idea of where I’m at because over the 9 months the amount of meat I’ve been eating has increased but the fat ratio has backed off so no suprise there.

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Day one without any coffee. Even though it was decaf, it was my delivery system for heavy whipping cream. Mostly doing it out of curiosity. Giving up cheese certainly made me feel better. Maybe giving up HWC will too. That’s my only dairy. But, I will say I just wandered around the house this morning like I was lost. I kept up my old mantra… “If you wait 10 minutes, the craving will pass… with or without giving in.” Still works.


Some can, some can’t. Eating Carnie/ZC doesn’t change anything, some people can intuitively eat and have great results, many can’t.

Based on what? I know quite a few Carnivores and they all track religiously. Again, makes zero difference whether you’re ZC/Keto/Paleo or a Vegan, some people track because they want to know what’s coming in, some don’t. WOE has no effect on that mindset, you either have it or you don’t.

No, but you have a very realistic idea, vs zero clue. I’d say that a huge improvement for most that are concerned with possible nutrient deficiencies / shortfalls.

Neither do I, but what’s your definition of “Superman” being in shape? Having muscle tone? Having low bodyfat? I have a descent amount of muscle, low bodyfat, and happy that I look better than many in their 20’s with my shirt off. But I’m not looking to get into competitions or walk across an Olympia stage either. I’m just not going to accept a dad bod. Screw that! I also look years younger than I am, DEAL! All of that together is being optimal for me. If people don’t want to be the best version of them… that’s fine. I do. I screwed up once and let myself go, that’s never happening again. Good enough isn’t good enough.

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@lfod14 We could not be further apart from our approach to our health. Of course, I want to be healthy or I wouldn’t be doing this. I started out tracking when I began keto. But only long enough to figure it out. I also rarely weigh. And I am lazy in my eating, as long as it fits in the parameters. I don’t get fancy at cooking or presentation. I just set a course and then go with the flow. We both know there are folks who track and chart everything, and others who never have… and everything in between. There is no right or wrong. And there certainly is no “better”. Plus, I have to admit… I am a big fan of the Dad Bod.


How are you feeling? Are you still feeling good? Or are you feeling “off” in any way? Have you had any recent blood labwork done that shows your supplement/vitamin levels?
IMO, if you are feeling good, then stay the course with your current supplements. It might be good to get labwork done to see where you are. If your doctor is pro-keto, perhaps you can talk to them and see what they think.


Agree! If you are losing inches but gaining some weight, that usually means you are losing fat!

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Ok… so I need to get off my high horse for a minute. I gave in and had some decaf with HWC. LOL. Heaven.
BUT…. Drum roll…Day one of ZERO CARBS, BABY!