Zero noodles- what is going on in my stomach?


So I had a pack of zero noodles tonight. Stirfried them with veg & tofu and big glug of oil plus seasoning. Tasted pretty good but now my stomach is very bloated and gurgling ominously.
Anyone had an experience like this with them?
I bought them in a health food shop and was intrigued. This has put me off.

(Tubeman) #2

I know of these noodles. I have not touched them because I’m wary of food that has no calories and passes through my tube undigested.

If it has no nutritional value and can’t be digested, is it really food?

(Duncan Kerridge) #3

Those things are basically just fibre and water, from another site : ‘The high fiber content may produce intestinal gas, leading to abdominal discomfort and flatulence, especially in people not accustomed to a high-fiber diet.’

(CharleyD) #4

Heard Dom D’Agostino mention on the Joe Rogan podcast that there’s a threshold of fiber above which will make you bloat and uncomfortable. I wished I had the patience to measure food cause field green salads generally don’t hit me like that but like brussel sprout casseroles sure do.

(Trish) #5

They are 100% fibre.

(Jay Patten) #7

Its all fiber, which is quite tough on the gut.

(Karen) #8

Ton of fiber, and does not digest. I use them but my belly puffs.



Woke up feeling fine. Had my essential morning cup of tea…the zero noodle monster woke up. Gurgling again! Grim.
I’ll stick to courgetti next time I want noodles. I use a slice of buttered Scan Bran if I want fibre.
Zero noodles: it’s a zero/ten from me. :smile:
Thanks for all replies. LUCY X

(Kelly Horton) #10

I have had these noodles myself. They taste amazing when stir-fried, but each time I’ve eaten them, I wake up with a “morning sickness” of sorts. Very queasy and sick feeling. It always subsides but I’ve definitely linked it to the zero noodles and now I’m wary of eating them again :frowning:


Are they like shirataki?

I wanted so badly to like these noodles, but I just can’t get the right texture.

AND, one night after eating some for dinner, I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach ache and that led to me throwing up :dizzy_face:. I’m pretty sure it was the noodles


I have eaten these (or another brand) several times.

Don’t remember experiencing the amount of bloat and gurgle that you report, but I certainly found them filling and somewhat bloaty.

They never caused me any problems though, and I used them quite often for a while. I would expect that you could quickly adjust to them if used regularly, but whether the cost and the ‘consequences’ are worth it is a personal decision.

Actually, I find beans and lentils used to cause me much more of a problem, and now avoid them completely.

(Trish) #14

I had NuPasta last night and had no issues. There are different brands but I believe they are all basically the exact sme from an ingredient perspective.

(Clare) #15

As somebody who once made the mistake of eating slightly al dente Jerusalem artichokes once ( a mistake you will only, ever, make once ), I’m a bit conservative now about ‘indigestible’ fibres. Gut health is one thing but my microbiome was having a cocaine disco bash for 24 hours. So I’ve left well alone with the zero noodley things because I’ve heard the stories…
Daikon spirals, lightly boiled in salted water, make pretty good noodle alternatives and they don’t cause a rambunctious party in my guts.

(bulkbiker) #16

rambunctious… now there’s a word you don;t see often… cool!

(Clare) #17

trust me when I tell you that rambunctious is a terribly polite word for what occurred…:joy:

(Ruth Ansell) #18

I ate them and immediately vomited. Thinking maybe I had gotten a stomach bug, not realising it was the noodles, I had them again the next day and instantly vomited in about 20 mins of eating. Never again!!!

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #19

I haven’t been ill from them but I dislike the texture the flavour and can’t think of much good to say about them … they are zero carbs but so is rubber (I assume lol)


I never bought these expensive nothings (I rather buy food with that money) but I do used konjac flour in my puddings. The original ones had close to zero calories and felt like eating an illusion. I called it “illusion pudding”. Not satisfying at all but weird and something… While not a food :smiley:
But if I put all kind of proper food into it, it becomes a lovely thing. Very quick puddings can be made that way, perfect texture, the konjac flour has zero flavor but it’s fine, it’s not its role…
If I want pasta, I use eggs, it’s the only proper, good part of a pasta anyway (we traditionally have eggy pasta here, egg is the liquid part)…
But of course many likes these things when there is lots of flavor to soak up.
I just saw others saying their opinion so I did the same. About konjac as I never had the noodles itself but I can’t imagine it would be a good idea for me. Weirder than the veggie noodles, that made no sense to me either as vegs didn’t work with the other part. But I lived without pasta just fine. I do love my puddings though, hence the konjac flour. I go through 100g in a year or two… That’s very many puddings as a little goes a long way…

(Geoffrey) #21

Great point. Why spend money on fake food and then, why eat something that isn’t food?


I actually understand eating not food, I always loved my sweets, after all… But if I have those very sane thoughts, it means I severed some connection :smiley: Not completely but I am fine it if it’s very occasional.
And one needs to get ready for that, obviously. In my first 10 low-carb years I needed my sweets each and every day. Well they are super nutritious but the sweetener wasn’t food in them. Not like I don’t have flavorings now…
I even understand the need for something neutral with volume. I don’t have this on my current default woe. Almost all my food is nutritious and dense… While my SO eats rice galore as he can’t eat things alone (I can, always had this talent. I loved eating a lot of mustard alone the best but could do it with almost anything not too spicy). I never liked rice but it’s exotic for me now and I see the uses even though it lost about all the charm after 10+ low-carb years… (Bread is still wonderful.)

So I understand other people to a great extent (especially where my SO has the same thing) but I myself prefer to buy good food with my food money :slight_smile: And stupid articles use “low calorie” as a positive. It’s not, I need to eat way more of it to get the same satiation/satisfaction (or possibly way less, low-fat things just can’t work for me). Like one of Mrs Murphy’s laws says (translation from Hungarian, it is probably slightly different originally): “It is possible to get fat eating diet food. It just costs way more.” Surely some people aren’t like that (volume eaters, probably) but I am. My body gives me hunger until I ate my minimum protein and calories and no trick has any use whatsoever.
But zero noodles aren’t necessarily to eat less calories while being satiated just the same, it’s to get the illusion of noodles without eating much net carbs for ketoers and surely it is useful for some people. Each to their own. We all our need own little things to be content.