Zero Carb Works Best for Me But I Don’t Like Meat Very Much


So, for the last few years I have been oscillating between keto, ketovore/dirty carnivore, and true zero carb. Most recently, I have been doing a very low carb diet - animal products with only a small amount of veggies (mostly greens and other low carb veggies).

But, I am coming to the reluctant conclusion that eating even this small amount of carbs doesn’t work for me. First, my sugar and carb cravings seem to persist; second, I have stalled on weight loss. I don’t seem to be able to lose all the extra belly/midsection fat I want to lose when I am doing this WOE.

So, I’m thinking of going back to full on carnivore. But, the reason I went off it is I really don’t like meat that much, and I found that when I ate huge amounts of it I got really sick of it. It would get to the point where thinking of another chicken leg, pork chop, burger, or more eggs would make me feel almost nauseated.

When I did carnivore, the only way I could stomach sticking to meat was to allow myself to get really hungry - basically, meat only felt appealing to me when I was super hungry. But, I got very attacked on this forum because people said I was not eating enough.

Has anyone else dealt with this problem? I guess that good side is if I am sick of eating meat and can’t eat too much of it, the weight will fall off sooner. But, people have said that is the wrong approach. So, what does one do?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Try spreading your food over three or more meals a day. That way, the quantity of meat at a single meal shouldn’t be overwhelming.


Fish? Tuna, salmon, herring.

If you’re OK with dairy you could try so-called ‘hard cheeses’. Parmigiano Reggiano, for example, contains 35+ grams of protein and 28+ grams of fat per 100 grams. Grana Padano contains 33 grams of protein and 26+ grams of fat per 100 grams. Both are lactose free so contain 0 carbs. Other hard cheeses such as aged cheddar generally contain more fat than protein, but substantial amounts of each per 100 grams. Again, most contain no carbs. Many ‘soft cheeses’ are high in fat and low in protein. Some contain 3+ grams of lactose per 100 grams, but many contain none. Just read labels carefully and/or verify with the USDA food nutrient database.


I don’t think there is a good solution. You may try to figure out more tempting dishes but if you really dislike meat, carnivore won’t happen or it won’t be enjoyable at all. But it seems you really avoid eating food you dislike (I can relate very much, I can eat a bit bland food with tricks here and there but usually I rather fast like you) and that results in starving and anything but that.

I would have ideas if you only would need what I apparently do: very low net carbs from plants (but it’s fine if it’s more than 1-2. it shouldn’t be my original carbier keto though). But it seems even little carbs are problematic for you…? That pretty much cut out non-animal products (except fats and other things you can’t live on). And you dislike meat and eggs.
By the way, are animal carbs a problem for you? What about dairy? Still not a food group you should base your diet but a little may make your food better if you are anything like me…

I love meat, I just couldn’t eat much of it in the beginning. I must say carnivore with 0.25 pounds of meat isn’t easy :smiley: And I often went higher, those were my lowest days but they happened a lot if I remember correctly… But I am an egg maniac and love dairy. Still wasn’t ideal. You can’t avoid a decent amount of meat on carnivore. Not a huge amount is needed, at least I never would eat like that (that would be massive overeating too) but it’s subjective what one calls a huge amount… 2-4 pounds is that for me. 1 is normal, 0.5 is low, I have such days but it’s tricky longer term and possibly not nutritious enough even with my eggs, they are nutritious but some things are lacking. Meat is very much needed.

But 1 pound of meat is very, very tiny when I look at it. It’s just several bites, so very easy to eat up even in minutes in some cases when the meat is quite tender (and it helps if we like the dish)… Of course, it’s me, I can’t properly imagine being a very different person…

When I have problems with some unusually bland meat, it’s easier as it only happens super rarely and I always can add dairy or eggs. But if you don’t even like eggs… It is general, every egg dishes are not liked by you? Eggs are so very versatile, I don’t like boiled eggs very much, scrambled ones can get old quickly too (there are many ways to spice them up and I often just use it as side dish) but some egg dishes are very different from those and amazing. For me, at least, I am in forever love with eggs so it is really hard to imagine not liking them.

It just won’t work without meat and even eggs :frowning:

Again something that shouldn’t be a huge part of your diet IMO but what about processed meats? They helped me out in the last years when I just couldn’t stomach more normal meat or another simple egg dish… Some are very okay, mostly just proper meat and spices, maybe smoked and dried but sometimes just cooked… Some are very different from my normal meats.
Do you have problems with fish too? Fish is nothing like chicken or pork or ruminant meat… Different fishes are very different… There are shrimps and other seafood… There are so many options for meat but of course, it’s possible to dislike them all.

And people are right, starving down yourself isn’t a healthy, right approach and it brings success to very few people and even they need to be careful for years to come, usually, I suppose. And it’s the best scenario. You just don’t want to mess with your metabolism and cause who knows what kind of physical and mental problems. Your body and mind deserves better.

And if you ask me, a hedonist… Eating food you are sick of is a very sad thing even without starving :frowning: I believe almost everyone has a good diet where such things and other huge hardships can be avoided but yep, there is the almost part. Some people has it very hard, it’s unfair and sad :frowning:


ok—some thoughts :slight_smile: well, see you are in that ‘zone’ of ketovore into Keto Plan then a few days of carnivore but you find you are 'craving when on allowing more keto type foods in your plan, and you know ZC is what is eliminating those cravings and putting you on solid ground…but ya get meat aversion.

you said you are eating chicken, pork, burger and eggs.

I gotta tell ya there is a ton left to eat :slight_smile: Seafood. I have to have shrimp and crab and that is my only real draw to it but I will do flounder every now and then. Fish if ya love it in any form. You can pan fry in pork rinds. Then ya got ‘homemade alfredo sauce’ IF YOU can handle a bit of dairy. I love alfredo over chicken and shrimp. Then ya got some good omelets you can make. Think surf and turf meals.

if one is not ‘as much’ of a meat hound as lot of us carnivores are…then one needs a bit more creativity in the ZC kitchen :slight_smile: And yea you can do that.

Now on not eating enough, not sure on that one cause if one is bouncing in and out of carnivore it will always be hard ‘to find YOU’ on carnivore and how you true food intake will be in the end. When one stays on plan, all carnivore, then we find truths on where ‘we land’ as individuals.

You want carnivore…ALL IN…need help come into our monthly thread.

come in and chat cause us carnivores have time under our belt and we can give ya good advice on how to roll…but key being ya gotta put in that all carnivore plan commitment.

wishing you the best!


Thanks so much to all for your thoughtful responses!

Yes, I do eat seafood and eggs - forgot to include that. Unfortunately I’ve found I can’t do cheese as it triggers my cravings.

For now, I’ve decided to move forward this way:

—Making sure I always have meat or seafood already cooked in the fridge. It’s easier for me to adjust my intake to my hunger if the food is already made and I can eat just a few ounces if that is all I want. I like the idea suggested above of breaking my portions into more meals, and it would be easier to do this if I can just grab something pre-cooked.

—Eating to satiety, and not worrying about calories. I think trying to force a certain volume down to conform to someone else’s conception of how many calories a day I should be eating just has not worked for me. If I am not feeling hungry, it is super hard for me to force meat/eggs/seafood down. (Chocolate chip cookies on the other hand…)

In terms of specifics, a local BBQ place has a beef brisket I adore, so I have been ordering two pounds of that at a time (no sauce). It lasts me about four days. So far I have not gotten sick of it. I’m also going to roast a two pound pork loin - I have a rub that I really like so hoping I can stick with that for a while.

I’ll let you know how it goes - and yes, will check in on the March thread! :-):innocent:


I don’t see cheese and red meat mentioned. Eat the things you are eating but make sure you have plenty of fat on them. Fat can help you from getting so hungry. If T2D isn’t your issue, you can eat smaller meals through out the day. Just only eat when you feel hunger.

Also we often think we are hungry when a glass of water will rid that feeling, try that as well.

Good luck sorting yourself out.

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This is a excellent idea. Great value for the money. I usually sous vide them - that way they’re ready to eat. Often make chops out of them, and just sear the outside to warm it up later. Eating 5 of them right now.


You still should make sure you eat enough and don’t ruin your metabolism. Eating to satiety is usually fine BUT if it causes serious undereating, that’s not good. Some people are more prone to it than others but not enjoying your food definitely doesn’t help. But if you have many small meals, maybe that will be good enough.
Of course you shouldn’t follow other people’s ideas, I ate way less meat as advised too and it was okay as I ate other things and had enough food. I still eat way below what some people advise but it would be quite horrible to follow their advice as I need less. I am all for finding our own sweet spot (even if it’s not sweet enough as in your case :frowning: it’s so sad), experimenting and not caring about what some others think right if that just doesn’t work in our individual case.

Having ready to eat meat all the time is something I had to learn too, it took a long time, I can be too optimistic… It helps so, so much. Variety too. Maybe you hate the food you planned but are okay with something else and it’s good to have those at hand… I have emergency special food too, my tinned fish. I very rarely eat it but when I am bored of all of my normal food (didn’t happen since long but happened a lot in the beginning) or just run out of my normal ready to eat meat but I still need something for my hunger, it can be precious. Even if I don’t desire it but still can eat it. In my worst low appetite/food boredom times I go for something borderline edible, I forget about joy for a little while. And I always have food I can eat.

Half a pound of brisket a day, that’s a good base :slight_smile: It’s good you have items you like, you will need those.

Good luck!!! I am looking forward to read how it goes!


Thank you all so much for your ideas and well wishes. It helps a lot!

Btw, I just learned something I thought was interesting. Before I decided to cut out all veggies, one thing I was eating was raw red bell pepper. I thought that was pretty harmless! But, I googled it yesterday and found this veggie contains a considerable amount of fructose - so not recommend for those trying to be very strict about consuming natural sugars.

I’m sure this was one of the things helping to keep my cravings alive.