Zero Carb with Fish only?


You are right, I’ll aim for the fattiest fishes :smile:

(Andrea) #7

Mercury isn’t an issue. The fish human’s eat are high in selenium which binds to the mercury to stop us being able to absorb it.

(Nicole) #8

I think the larger fish tend to have more mercury. I used to eat tuna a lot but after a lab test it was discovered that my mercury was going up so I was told to cut back on tuna. After about 6 months my mercury levels dropped noticeably.

(Andrea) #9

Interesting… Been reading a lot about it but there’s many conflicting views! Did you have any symptoms? Or notice any difference when Mercury levels dropped?

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

The smaller the better. Less amounts of all toxins in the smaller fish.

(Nicole) #11

None that I noticed. But I was starting a new thyroid medication at the time so it could have gone unnoticed


Have you done something to lower the mercury level or have you just quit eating big fish ? I was wondering if there is a way to still eat salmon and tuna…

(Nicole) #13

My doctor, an orthomolecular doctor, does have some sort of treatment to assist in lowering mercury levels, but mine wasn’t that high so I did not even look into it.

There are mercury lowering treatments out there, but I don’t know how effective it is or what it entails. Or its cost.

I just started eating tuna once every week or so rather than every other day.

(Norma Laming) #14

I don’t know if it would matter but most fish seems to be surprisingly high on the insulin index


Do you have a link to read that ? I didn’t know that there is an insulin index. Thanks for your advise.

(KCKO, KCFO) #16

This thread has many links to insulin index charts and info.


Many thanks !!

(Lisa) #18

I love salmon Roe eggs


And apparently salmon roe has lots of vitamin c in it. Who’da thought it!

The only salmon roe I can find is on Amazon UK - and pretty pricey. So I am still looking. :slight_smile:

(M) #20

I asked this in another thread but thought I’d try here too. I bought frozen sockeye roe from Great Alaska Seafood. I was told its just roe and sea salt, nothing else. It was really fishy, slightly bitter/metallic at first, and maybe also tangy. Is that how roe is supposed to be?

(KM) #21

Any roe I’ve ever had including salmon, I would not describe that way. Or at least, I like roe and what you’re describing doesn’t sound too good to me. I’d say salty jelly, maybe a bit similar to seaweed in flavor.

(KCKO, KCFO) #22

I agree, a fresh salty taste, I would not want a bitter/metallic taste in roe.

(M) #23

well I’ve had bad fish and I don’t think its spoiled but perhaps not the freshest. My guess is that its getting to be somewhat old being the season. It tasted better today for some reason so maybe I just need to get used to it as well. Where do you guys get your roe and what kind?


very old original post.

you can try it, you probably can not ever sustain it. simple as that.

on other zc forums I seen a few people trying to live on chicken only…they didn’t make it. I doubt fish carnivore can sustain. Fish will never give you what heavy dense fatty meats will give one but hey try it and see but in the end you might be ‘the only fish carnivore’ out there and thrive, or real real fast you will find it is unsustainable.

(M) #25

King salmon belly has 10g fat per oz. Sablefish is also very fatty. The only problem is mercury.