Insulin index chart

(Dustin Cade) #1

I’ve been looking for an insulin index chart, my understanding is there is a breakdown of how foods can effect insulin… sort of like the glycemic index… is that correct, if so where can I find it?

Zero Carb with Fish only?

An Internet search for “insulin index” returns lots of results, I think the question is which source is authoritative? or do they all link back to the same source? Meaning that I found links from Holt, Willet, and Mendosa, etc. across the Internet.

I chose to link the Wikipedia entry that attributes to Holt since that seemed to be the most common reference.

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Are you looking for the Marty Kendall one…?

If so it can be found here

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This is what I was looking for!

(Marty Kendall) #5

@Bahrutile here’s link to all the food insulin index stuff on the blog.

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Which Insulin Index data is reliable/authoritative?

An exchange I had on Twitter linked to a blog that showed another insulin index where beef, cheese, and eggs raised insulin significantly. This didn’t seem right to me, but I don’t want to dismiss it just because it contradicts my own thinking.

The article is here:

Low-Carb Theory Regarding Meat/Insulin is Flawed — by Linda Carney MD

(bulkbiker) #7

Someone who quotes Drs Greger and McDougall is never going to be an advocate of meat eating. Both are quite forceful vegetable diet proponents. I would take it with a large pinch of salt…

(Dustin Cade) #8

My understating of insulin response is it will lower over time with low glycimic intake such as a keto diet. Where at the start with anything we put into our stomach will intact a over responsive amount of insulin as it’s needed to be high for a long period, though with continued adherence to a low glycimic diet the response will normalize… at least that’s what I’ve taken away from what @Richard has said… i could be very mistaken though.

(Marty Kendall) #9

The most comprehensive list of food insulin index data is the appendix to Kirstine Bell’s University of Sydney thesis.

(DowskiVision MagicalOracle) #10

McDougall is clinically insane. He outright, not-ironically, touts sugar as a cure for diabetes! (60 minutes into the video).

(Chris W) #11

I know it’s an old thread, but related to the insulin index topic, Dr. Benjamin Bikman gave an excellent presentation at Breckenridge that led me to believe that insulin response is not as simple an a fixed index number, but can be quite different in the context of limited glucose than it is in the context of a “balanced” diet. In my mind, this brings in to question the validity of the historical insulin index data in the context of a very low carb ketogenic diet, specifically the data in regards to insulin response to protein.

(Boston_guy) #12

Can’t believe peanut-butter is down there at the lower-left. Think I’ll mix up some bacon bits with peanut butter! (src: optimizing nutrition)

(Ethan) #13

According to the number of carbs, we really shouldn’t be eating anything outside that lower-left box anyway. It’s interesting that eggs are above that, but it’s close enough. Also, what kind of serving are they using? Since when does bologna have 13 or so carbs?

(Boston_guy) #14

@cwstnsko Think this is the talk you were mentioning – about glucagon/insulin ratio.

(Chris W) #15

Yes, that is the presentation. It’s nice that it’s on Youtube now for those who don’t have a Diet Doctor membership, who have already used up their free trial.


Marty, can you explain this? Why would the full fat cheese have higher Insulin index than the low fat one?

(Marty Kendall) #17

not sure @nearing. what’s the source of your data?

(Marty Kendall) #18

the food insulin index testing was done with 1000 kJ portions of each of the foods.

(Marty Kendall) #19

@cwstnsko the Bikman presentation is really good. TL;DR, there is no need to fear ‘too much protein’ because of insulin. The insulin response to protein is balanced by the glucagon response.

(Ethan) #20

I declare BS on the bologna then. 1000 kJ is about 240 Calories. 240 Calories of bologna is NOT 13g of carbs.