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they would Renee. Could fake people out with those :scream_cat:

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Did you mean “gag” as in funny or “gag” as in the gift would literally make you gag?

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I agree would have been nice to know what she’s adding back in. It seems no oxylates which would be spinach and kale etc which I thought was most nutritious.


another great vid posted and I borrowed it and put it here for everyone to enjoy. Good info!!! Why do carnivores eat mostly beef? There are reasons we do LOL


here is a wonderful video from Kelly Hogan chatting with other zero carb people on how great they are doing and their journey.

Elizedge (Elizabeth) who is a nice friend to me thru zero carb and this forum is in the video :slight_smile: I love it!! She is toward the end around 28 min. mark. She does a great interview plus others great zc’ers saying why zero carb is a wonderful plan to suit them. Just an upbeat chat on zc! Must see :slight_smile: We have our own utube celebrity with us and she goes a great job!!


little info from Dana, into like 12-15 yrs zc or so.[0]=AT07zYOOtV8Yw3icUOKEgO3zSXohmIy0I4YkH0a2vTzuS5TGAmK-CK0wZWWCGl9zsm3cQO7VH8zt-5gvQAWy9kWJjuOkJilw_tFOpJSn_dSeOnFPeCfdkA6zQDbWHWX9fHp4NFBFpUsjpjeUJunfUbPFNWede5FKKH-4VqG54d57yzjQa5UCGV5aSEWM64mYojQ

Looking for food suggestions (frustrated 2.5 month carnivore)
Tell me about carnivore

youtube, shortie, never watch this guy much but I love his attitude.
he eats plants every now and then but hates carbs to the max, as any smart person should :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but I like his description about eating meat.


I don’t have time to watch it all right now but he won a place on the to watch list with the simple rule: Yes!

Hahaha… thanks Fangs.
Well, off to work.


Ahhh, I feel for ya B!

but yea this guy talks just straight forward talk and I love that about him LOL, knowing you, you will like the rest of this vid!!


Listened on the commute.
Going to send to the gf. She’s been doing keto and considering carnivore.


Very cool…I love how he gets the vegans a bit in there, not too horrible, but he tells it like it is :slight_smile:

Keto is great. ZC is better :slight_smile: You know one thing about ZC is as much as we know this is a life changing plan for all of us who do it…man ya gotta be able to come here. So many can’t process this way of lifestyle at all as long term eating…they won’t and can’t go here. We are special, I tell ya, super special HAHA
Hey maybe gf will be our new carnivore!! Cool!




new good reads for all us zc people! :slight_smile:


“Now, I can trust my body is right. If I am hungry, I eat. I don’t worry if it’s 5,000 calories in a day (and sometimes it is). I know my body is asking because it needs it. If I am not hungry, I don’t worry about it. I know I don’t need it. If I am feeling like going out for a walk or a run, I do. If I am feeling like sitting in the yard and enjoying the sun without moving except to reach for my iced coffee, I do that instead. No guilt about being lazy. No concern about getting fat and losing my muscle. I am no longer a slave to my appetite. I would be ravenous sometimes. I couldn’t stop myself from eating. I would just eat everything I could get my hands on, trying to stop the hunger. Now, I can be hungry and wait until there’s food I want to eat (if I am out). It’s no longer an “emergency” when I get hungry.”



Borrowed from Elizedge who finds such great things to help understand zc and from a great zc advocate, Dr. Kevin Stock.[0]=AT2DoRCrqAQQqVJG4Bvz5iw2nLkviBQG6xAdnUdF9L65UpmXcXFD6H5LkcwkneqRGfjpYhLS9oVHXk-HeRaKlssRUkgh-dGTZO7jEwWNA78GUYMCFKV52NVuTCn2nDPP3QWisAxcGgNyzTkO8vaoorkr_GYdIPaEES829G_8yd-DBtC8UVtzzV99yysJw4ndonGjMB7ydDB49ezu


Not one carb is essential for life.

good fast read just showing that no carbs are ever needed in life.


another fab video I ‘borrowed’ from Elizedge cause she posts the best darn zc stuff :slight_smile: :sunny:

quick video and well worth watching!!!


another great video from Dr. Bikman


bump for VE!