ZC ZEN 'wellness check' on all of us :)


OK guys.
we know who we are on the carnivore thread and we got a wonderful and active group of very smart people and we ALL know what we eat every day and do so well and some goal changes in how we eat are working for us and we learn so much about us as individuals on this lifestyle.

Let’s chat emotions and brains here. How are you doing emotionally on zc as a lifstyle? Your improvements. Your indecisions on whatever is possibly an issue to you?

HOW IN THE HECK ARE EACH of us thriving or have issues that one has to address? Let’s get it out there to chat cause our thread is super supportive of us all who journey this lifestyle for sure and lets know ‘just how our well being is faring in this carnivore path’.

We all know thru time on plan our nourished bodies are a key in helping us literally move forward toward even better ‘zc zen’ and great health on board…but the thoughts? the ‘hmmms?’ so if anyone needs to chat that out we all can and thru experiences we all tackled at some point we can give more support thru the ‘what if’ or the ‘hmms’ :wink:

OK ALL of us, where are we on carnivore and HOW WELL are we on carnivore…this is a great ‘end of year’ chat as we head into the big holiday time next month and it can help us all be in a positive action forward.

again, just a chat for us carnivores :sunny:

come one and come all carnivores to tell us how you are doing! Who are we and know our positives vs. who we were struggling with what issues? Let the ‘wellness’ fly :slight_smile:

MOOvember Carnivore

Nice thread, it will suit me on my longest carni period ever in January!

It’s only my day #5 for me and it’s perfectly chill. And I dragged the -ish part into my carnivore again for reasons but it’s tiny and I can handle it. And I avoid it whenever I can.

I need to get used to more simplicity. Or embrace meat dishes with spices, maybe as I can’t last for very long on eggs, meat with salt (I love it! the majority of my food is that. but I need something else too) and very little else.

If I like my food and don’t have a major fruit season and my SO doesn’t cook something very, very tempting, I have zero problem with carnivore(-ish). It’s chill. Okay sometimes I am hungry for a while but that happens anyway, it’s my thing, sometimes I have nearly or truly unsatiable hunger on any woe, apparently.

This seems to be a good topic for coming here when I notice I am slipping. I tend to do that after several days and even I don’t get it when it’s winter, I have supplies and almost no possible temptation. I should be able to continue my nice times when carni satiation kicked in and it’s chill. I want that nearly all the time. (All the time would be boring, we need tiny hardships here and there. Or hungrier, higher-cal days, it’s fine if it’s occasional.)

Oh yes. And it’s November and I already messed it up and lost my momentum. Carnivore(-ish) still my default, favorite woe and what else could I eat so I still go forward but I actually have these December off-carnivore ideas… And maybe I shouldn’t. It’s one thing if I eat off a tiny bit here and there but planning it… I understand why I do this and I am the on/off type still (with way more on than off in winter) but still. I suspect I still cling to some nostalgic old favs. Not very much, I basically left them about 12 years ago and only had a few exceptions since - but it actually makes them even more nostalgic. And while I lost interest in the vast majority of carby ingredients (and even the not very carby non-animal ones), some still tastes good.
I am not sure what to do. I usually eat whatever I desire so I probably keep that. I can’t and don’t want to go against my core personality. But it’s usually not a desire, just a chance to meet an old and still lovely fav or whatever. I don’t think it’s a good enough reason. And as long as I love my carni food, it’s not a danger.
I need more recipes or losing some variety needs somehow…
Or more pork chuck :smiley: Pork chuck roast (with an ideal fattiness for me) is hard to get bored of.

I am evolving. But I wish to speed it up. It’s winter again!

So. Carnivore (except the first few days and I blame carbs for it, obviously) is lovely while it starts for me so my only big problem is staying on it for longer. I will work on it in the next several months and fortunately it will bring huge changes. I am curious what longer term carnivore(-ish, they are probably the same for me but I obviously can’t possibly know) would bring.

It’s simple but poetic. Or IDK but it sounds just the right amount of unusual and wholesome :smiley:

(Laurie) #3

Hi, I don’t post on the monthly forums, as I don’t think I’m “pure” enough. However, I would like to chime in here. A bit of background:

As of a couple of years ago, most plant foods cause abdominal pain and toilet troubles, and it was easy to give them up. A couple of months ago, I gave up most dairy because it’s too addictive for me.

I eat/ingest basically the same thing most days:

3 eggs
200 g (7 oz) pork
450 g (16 oz) ground beef
100 g (3.5 oz) tomato sauce
4 cups black coffee
1 can Zevia or unsweetened flavored water
Plain water

This is fine, but I do get bored. I don’t have immediate bad reactions to ALL plant foods. I don’t know how to blur, so let’s just say that I’ve found a loophole and find myself buying and eating certain carby no-no’s 2 or 3 times a month.

As I said, I’m motivated to stay away from most foods because of the digestive issues. But with other temptations, yeah, if I thought I could get away with it (could afford it, didn’t get fat, etc.) I’d eat that junk all day.

So it’s an ongoing conflict within myself.

(Susan) #4

I’ve been reading the KETO forum and listening to the Dudes podcast for a few years, maybe 4 or 5. I find the forum very informative and entertaining. Started pure carnivore late last year. The major benefit was how happy I felt. The second benefit was the fast and easy weight loss. I went to Vegas In Dec 2021 for the rodeo and fell off the carnivore horse. Hell of a time getting back on, so have been doing very low carb keto…adding onions to my meats. Attending the Rodeo again in Las Vegas, so will be taking you with me.
Not to chat just to read for motivation I’ve already lost 50 or 55 pounds and look fine, but I’m aspiring to look great and another 20/25 pounds should do it…Darn I love drinking Bailey’s and Coffee early mornings in Vegas, that definitely needs to end.

(Karen) #5

Welcome Susan. I will be rooting for you at the rodeo this year. I think, as i am sure a few might admit to finding a bit of alcohol a draw on the holidays … not me lol :innocent: I have been teetotal for over 22 years and never get that draw but I can certainly understand it. Also the draw to carby foods through the Xmas period as it is just constantly advertised on TV to the point where you can just about smell it! Fortunately that doesn’t draw me either… when committed it is total 100% for me, I am fortunate to have crazy willpower.

You will need to keep us updated on your progress during the coming weeks.

(Robin) #6

Conflicted, you say? Hello, sister!

(Robin) #7

What happens in Vegas apparently comes home with ya!
Good luck this time around! :vulcan_salute:

(Robin) #8

Still basically carnivore plus coffee with heavy cream. No change.
My recent cholesterol labs results came in and my doc is having a heart attack… or thinks I might be about to.
But @PaulL looked at them and said I’m doing great! LOLOL

Keep on keeping on…

(Megan) #9

I slowly weaned myself off the antidepressant I’ve been taking for many years and my mood is fine (tho the withdrawal was a bit rough). I think the simplicity and lack of tracking I do on carnivore really supports my mood. I eat whatever I want to eat from my carnivore list of foods (which includes some dairy - hard cheese and very low carb greek yoghurt), however often I feel like eating and however much I want to eat. I only have one rule - no plants (apart from coffee) and no non-human food like sweeteners.

On the whole this is working for me. I’m feeling ok mentally and physically and I’m losing weight. I don’t feel awesome physically, I think the pain/fatigue from fibromyalgia will take a long time to resolve, but I feel better than I did pre-carnivore due to getting rid of a whole heap of inflammatory foods.


my entire wellness and ‘well being’ to me from zc plan is stability over life over food.

finally and I find there is nothing that will drag me backwards. I guess one can say on a personal note I seen the light :wink: :sunny:

I thought back on something another said and thought who am I now? I changed tons since adopting this plan thru health changes all to the massive plus and also see clarity of thinking that is priceless. I know solidly who I am for me on what it takes on my eating plan to give best health and vitality! So nothing now is in my way with the ‘crap posted’ about ‘do this or do that’ for results, nope, been there worked that and in the end failed, but carnivore is my life line forward.

yea a little over the top on crediting an eating change to make ‘one whole’ but I am there and this zc lifestyle put me right there :100:

I think I hit me, all in, what life is supposed to be for me ya know. Took yrs to get here thru alot of crazy dieting times but I see now, yup, I am home.

I can only say one thing, how blessed I am thru the work I did and help I got thru others that I got to this level as I needed to be. Grateful for all of it :slight_smile: Kinda my what are we grateful full chat in a holiday season!


another wellness in my entire being is my simplicity in eating now.
it so suits me an a human and my life :slight_smile:
never a chef type draw LOL so the entire opposite suits me best and I thrive in that glory of it…or eat out, have someone cook me a steak sounds good too if they make it how I like HAHA


I definitely work on the simplicity… I LOVE simplicity just like I love order. Very much but it doesn’t mean it’s easy for me to realize them…

Yesterday didn’t go as I planned, things can escalate scarily quickly sometimes while my conscious self is barely present. I though I am better but no, I still have my bad moments. I banned a problematic item I should have since ages. It’s no sacrifice as I don’t even like it much. It’s just different and exists and goes well with things I do like…

But it’s good to be back again :slight_smile: I had 2 of my favs for lunch and make my third for dinner… The off eating didn’t seem to change much so I expect continuing the content chill eating wise. But I couldn’t skip lunch today. I wasn’t even in the mood for it but I rarely am.

And I don’t track, yay :smiley: I do track my meat intake but it is merely weighing my slabs before cooking. And even this tiny one today will last for 3 days (with some help from other meat items). It’s a liberating feeling.

Good meat is quite perfect just roasted or fried - but I still feel the need for something different and often dessert. But that’s only a few extra bites as long as my meat is tempting enough to provide a pretty okay meal almost all alone.

(Robin) #13

Yes, I believe for many of us, the lack of inflammation is what most impacts our overall quality of like.

(Robin) #14

@Shinita It sounds like you are really staying with the program. Good for you!


Except on my off days but I bounce back immediately and continue like nothing happened. And I do try and evolve.
If I am off for multiple days, I often have a few not so chill days but one day can’t do that to me. I love when carnivore satiation kicks in, I need that. I don’t need a ton of food to get and more importantly, stay satiated… I still need a decent amount but of course, I am a human, I need lots of energy to function. But I shouldn’t need overeating just to be satiated. Stupid carbs and some other items :frowning: If I almost exclusively eat good protein sources, it’s usually good.

I really hope longer term carnivore(-ish) will make these easier chill days the norm… And I want more energy too.


I think this is a great topic Fangs. As to wellness … Well I believe I am doing and feeling far better now than when I was on a high carb, low fat diet eating gluten. I received my coeliac test result today which was considered abnormal. That makes a lot of sense as I was feeling at the time gluten was making me ill. On keto I felt better, but on carnivore much better. And now that I’ve eliminated dairy from my WOE I am experiencing further improvement. As I no longer suffer bloating and my digestive system appears to function better as well. I just also feel a lot calmer. I listened to a podcast today with two women discussing the carnivore diet for women with lipoedema. And I really feel I’ve made the right choice, and that I’m doing everything I can to treat my condition and keep it from progressing. Not to mention I am enjoying the carnivore foods so much more than any of the foods I used to eat on my high carb, low fat diet.


wow a great post showing you are finding a lifestyle that suits you so well. I l love success stores and chats on carnivore and what great results/changes people are receiving. Gives one alot of hope too :slight_smile:

Deep down you are a Meat Hound. So am I. I would rather just eat the great meat/seafood fish and fowl I love then eat the other stuff. A Meat Hound just gravitates towards it!


I hope I won’t trigger anyway, it’s treaty holiday season and some topics are impossible for me to avoid. (Especially that I bake a lot now and not just my usual carnivore or low-carb things.)

I was listening to the radio today and they talked about a problem of making treats for friend and family members with some allergy… The solution is often very expensive but maybe super hard to do as well… I couldn’t help thinking it would be so much easier just to eat meat, eggs or have sour cream as dessert (if one isn’t allergic to these just gluten, nuts and stuff)… I am very much aware it’s not so simple and they don’t replace the cookies and don’t comfort one who want the same as everyone else minus the problematic ingredients, I just couldn’t help to think that thought.
A lot of very carby treats went from occasionally irresistible to “nice if not inedibly sweet but pretty much unneeded” in the last years. I always knew I don’t absolutely must eat everything tasty (I barely ever ate my fav food, pork for decades and it was fine) but when they were THERE… I had a problem :smiley: I can’t really test it now but I think I changed a lot.

I STILL often feel I don’t want much meat though. But then I track and I realize I had enough, it just felt not much so all is good :wink:

(Pete A) #19

I go crazy but love it. It’s me haha