ZC What did you eat today?

(Chris - Mince meat, not words.) #262



Scram eggs and bacon at 10am
Then offal soup at 7pm

(Cathrine Helle) #264

Haven’t eaten yet today, but yesterday I had a pork chop for lunch, some liver for dinner, and a little snack of pork ribs at night :slight_smile: Very tasty!

(Jodi) #265

Bacon, sardines, ribeye and a little heavy cream.

(Cathrine Helle) #266

Hope I’m being too ignorant now, but what is hypo? Sounds nasty :astonished:


Don’t worry!

A hypo is a hypoglycaemic episode. Like diabetics may have. They vary in severity, and that one was mild :+1:t3:
But thank you for your concern. :blush:

Actually avoiding hypos is one of the main reasons I do keto/carnivore. Life is MUCH better without them!