Your opinion on my IF window?

(KM) #1

My ordinary day when I’m not extended fasting is to get up around 7 am, have large cup of coffee with probably 1/3 cup of hwc in it (about 2 carbs, but probably close to 300 calories) then lunch at 12 pm and dinner around 6 pm. (I’d prefer to eat my big meal earlier but it just doesn’t work in my household.) I consider my coffee to be breakfast, but it’s negligible carbs.

Would you say my eating window is 6 hours, or 11?

(Allie) #2

11 hours as you’re taking in calories at 7am.

(KM) #3

:+1: Well that’s too bad. :grin:

  1. Or more if you merely start eating at 6pm, I totally can do 1 hour meals sometimes…

I am indulgent to some extent, if you said you coffee has half a teaspoon hwc, well fine (I actually do that sometimes… I try not to but sometimes it would be too hard and I don’t do hard things eating/drinking wise) but so very much? It’s significant.

It may still be great for you, not even everyone must do IF… But it’s not IF in my world.

(Allie) #5

Not sure how that could work out at the 300 calories estimated tbh… I based my reply on the calories.

(KM) #6

I guess I’m dairy dependent; most drinks in the morning like black coffee or tea, even with a little sweetener in them, tend to make me nauseous, and not having caffeine in the AM creates a zombie effect in me even when I wean myself off it and don’t experience withdrawal headaches. It Is a 24 oz mug, for those thinking I like to put a little coffee in my cream! I guess I could try a smaller cup with a bit less cream … sigh … or not! :slightly_smiling_face:

(KM) #7

I have mostly wondered due to people saying a fasting-mimicking-diet allows for some calories, preferably from fat, without significantly affecting autophagy, so I was hoping my morning indulgence wouldn’t count as breaking my fast as it’s nearly all fat. Wishful thinking.

(Shannon) #8

I’ve read many mixed things about this. Dr. Fung on DietDoctor uses cream during his fasts and doesn’t think it interferes with his desired results.


11 hours. HWC breaks the fast. In theory, fasting can bring on autophagy. Most doctors in the field believe one needs to fast for a minimum of 24 hours for autophagy. Some have argued that longer fasts also deplete skeletal muscle and the trade-off over the course of a couple of years is not worth it, especially over the age of 50 when you want to protect and or gain skeletal muscle.

(Peter) #10

I eat at noon then 6pm only. Though I have black coffee at 9am. IF combined with Keto has done wonders for me … TBH I dont know which one did the magic :thinking: