Your dogs - let's see them


Prayers and good thinks on their way.

(Candice) #123

I caught my baby trying to steal a car

(Jay AM) #124

This is Simon the beagle. I rescued him last year in Tennessee. We think he’s about 4 years old. His hobbies are stealing food and rolling in dead things. He likes belly pets and ripping up cardboard.

(ianrobo) #125

bloody buggers aren’t they :slight_smile:

(Lonnie Hedley) #126



HAHAHA, mine’s hobbies are the same

(Candy Lind) #128

That is one cute (and hairy!) little bugger.

(Stephanie ) #129

My black pup is shadow and the other one is lucus. Both naughty very naughty and very spoiled

(Susan) #130

Hi. My name’s Khaleesi. I enjoy pulling Suze along on quick walks around the neighborhood, barking at anything that moves, playing with my sister China Cat, growling at the guy who thinks Suze is his person (she belongs to ME!) and generally acting like a neurotic bundle of energy. But once you get to know me, you’ll see that my absolute favorite thing to do is snuggle in with Suze as tightly as possible - if I could actually get inside her body that would be ideal!

So, this pretty girl came to us as a rescue. She tends to present as a vicious little thing that wants to rip your face off. It usually doesn’t take too long for anyone and everyone to realize that in actuality, she’s a real sweetheart who’s just misunderstood!! Given the opportunity, she’ll ultimately be friends with anyone!!

(Ron) #131

The girls:

(ianrobo) #132

Yep that Westie I have done nothing look !!

(Mandy) #133

One regal girl…

One all out goofball girl…

(Sierra) #134

This is my sweet, sweet golden named Copper- getting a rare ice cream treat!


Both mine are on a raw diet (3kg meat a day between them…£££ouch!) but totally worth it (plus no vet bills to speak of)
Robbie 8+yo German shepherd 38kg

And Kheilan, 3 yo English Mastiff 94kg

(Roxanne) #136

Our grand puppy after spending two days trying to keep up with our two dogs outside all day.

(Mary) #137

I’m in love! What an expressive face.

(Roxanne) #138

He’s definitely a character!

(Athena) #139

Here is Ziggy:

(Sophie) #140

That Bully looks like he’s in his element. Hilarious! :laughing:

(Ellen) #141

One of my friend’s dogs died today so am checking this again to try and cheer myself up. Hugo was a gorgeous Bernese and only 7.