Your dogs - let's see them

(Candy Lind) #102

I have a friend who had a “Loki” who looked nearly identical!

(Candy Lind) #103

What a darling girl! I’m about to post a pic of my old lady, Makensie (also a mini-Schnauzer, but closer to 19 lb.).

(Candy Lind) #104

What a great name! :heart_eyes:

(Candy Lind) #105

I have a friend who fosters Bostons in DFW. She’s already got one permanent “foster fail.”

(Candy Lind) #106

I’m all out of love, so now I’ll post a picture of My mini-Schnau, Makensie (don’t blame me for that weird spelling!). She’s 14 now, got her at age 5 with socialization issues. She’s a real “Momma’s Girl,” but knows she can get away with more when Dad’s around. This is an older pic of her in the obligatory Texas Bluebonnet patch. I couldn’t find the one of her in the bunk of our truck. Yep, she’s a trucker dog! (upload://isxybuzisKzT0zp64eGS94ln0mW.jpeg)

April Zornfast 2018
(ianrobo) #107

Like ours always waiting to go outside


We have two Shih Tzus.

Too cute and fluffy to be real dogs, I hear you say.

Just don’t let them hear you say that…

(Denise G) #109

Meet Ziggy and Marley. They love Keto WOE.

(Candy Lind) #110

OMG we can be SO CRUEL!!! LMAO! :rofl:

(Bob) #111

Out for a canoe trip with my Sheba.

(Sophie) #112

She’s a sweetie! Did you guys catch any fish? :fish:

(Bob) #113

Not a one

(Sophie) #114

Been there. But still doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good day fishin! :smile:

(Bob) #115

Almost lost my dog, though. We stopped to stretch & let her potty and the darned fool took off - in Congaree swamp! Home to many beasties: wild hogs and lots of water moccasins among them. I called her for a while then started walking and calling. She barked and was on the opposite bank up a hill. She swam back and was so happy and puppy-ish that I couldn’t even scold her. That and I was happy to have my old friend safe, she’s a rescue so I don’t know how old she really is but she’s getting grey.

Here she is poking her head out to hurry me up. She’s had her fun and ready to go home.


meet noodle

And baby girl

Don’t mind my very pregger belly in the first one. It’s an older pic :grin:

(Sophie) #117

Oh geez! I know that put the fear into you! Glad you got her back. Is she chipped? Ours is a rescue too but she adopted us, not the other way around.

(Bob) #118

Yes, she’s chipped but we were waaay back in the national forest.
Turns out she’s much more spry than she lets on.


Irish Water Spaniel

(ianrobo) #120

Poppy now 4 yers old and looking guilty after ripping up a toy ha ha

(Candy Lind) #121

Need some doggie-lover love tonight - my old lady, Makensie, is going to lose her right eye in the next couple of weeks. Her lens in that eye is completely occluded, any way, but she has a growth that is causing a pressure increase and inflammation, so the ophthalmologist says it needs to go. Right now we are looking for the right place to have it done (the ophth. actually told us to go elsewhere to save money!), and medicating the pressure and inflammation issues. She’ll probably come through this better than I will - so a few prayers and good thinks for us both would be appreciated.