Your dogs - let's see them


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This is the best thread!!! I adore dogs so much, but the husband won’t let us get any right now. Something about “too many mouths to feed” :joy:. Still, he lets me keep the kids and a couple cats :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Sammy is the beautiful long haired black male. He is my absolute favorite animal. So patient and affectionate and 100% cat. Can’t keep him inside, nor can I keep small critters safe when he’s around!!

Naia is the dilute tortoise shell. She is epileptic and very sassy. Both are rescues.


Both are beauties :smiley: We have 4 cats (we didn’t want that, it’s too many but tell that to Ginger. I did. it didn’t help, she stayed. it’s not THAT big of a burden to feed them though and she is a red tabby and a dear so fine. but we are finished!), all different characters… I am good at bringing offtopic into everywhere but even I didn’t dare to bring cat pics here (or I was just lazy, it’s possible, I don’t have many good pics, cats don’t really like to stay put when they are in a pretty place and my terrace is always dirty thanks to our huge linden tree above it. parts are falling from it about 10 months per year), you are my hero :wink:

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That’s exactly right :grin:

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My Ginger. Border Collie / Cur on the dames side and the sire is unknown but we suspect coyote. Lol!

Then there’s Highway. He’s our ditch dog. Found him on the side of the road just about starved to death.

And after:

Highway thanks us everyday for saving him.

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That is the best dog story on here or anywhere else for that matter.



Well done that man, and dog of course.



Step away from the pup.

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Is Sammy really large? He has features similar to a Maine Coon. Gorgeous!
Well, what cat isn’t?

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Bless you! Highway (and you) are lucky lucky lucky.

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He’s not large at all. Just very very fluffy!! I personally think he’s a Chantilly Tiffany since he has all the features (including the fierce loyalty, interesting chirping, very talkative, master of his domain, and the FLUFF!!!) :slight_smile:

If he hadn’t been neutered at an early age I think he would’ve grown larger, but another feature of Chantilly Tiffany males is that they reach maturity later than other breeds, and he’s just over two years old, so he may have time to grow yet.

More pictures for good measure.

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Cats are always taking over dog’s stuff, so why not here as well :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:? It’s all in good fun. I hope I have a dog picture to post here sometime soon!!! Maybe I’ll just head to the shelter to take a small peek at the adorable puppers……

4 cats seems like a lot, but I could see it happening at our house too. We all LOVE cats, even my husband. His mother and stepfather feed several colonies of cats 2 times a day across two states. Now that’s some dedication!!!

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I had one who looked a lot like yours. She was such a sweetie.


Oh my, the first photo… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It’s a professional one, no matter who took it! Cats are famously not easy to photograph… Maybe if one catches them while asleep… And sometimes they are more cooperative anyway. But such a portrait! A precious one.

I am not one with the most cats on the forum, by far… 4 is still reasonable. Especially that they tend to be elsewhere in summer and Caroline is good at getting her own food. We live next to big fields so there are voles galore in summer.
And the 4 cats are all very different looking and that is only the looks! Their personalities are vastly different but all are lovely in their own way and all purr very easily.


Latest photo, 3 yo, in that thread.


Carly, with her boyfriend Milo at doggy day care.

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Carly got a boyfriend! Even more great news (besides your re-entry).
She looks quite happy and smitten.

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Small dog report. Rocky - West Highland White terrier, and Gus - Chihuahua and a couple other things.

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Brought in some plants for wintering. Paul now considers it his Condo with a View. And he got a good deal on it. (knows the owner)

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Love snoozing buddies… I can hear the quiet snoring…