Your dogs - let's see them


(Doug) #1295

Great smaller dog pictures. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane) #1296

This is the dog’s bed. One guess who is the boss!


(Robin) #1297

Made my day. Perfect…. A cat would steal your bed with no shame and a dog would allow it.

(Robin) #1298

Triple whammy for this little guy…
He’s been pretty sick, we’ve had fireworks for days, and thunderstorms all morning.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1299

Awww fireworks and thunder are terrifying. We have to go away when there’s fireworks. Thunder hard to predict.
Lyla as a puppy

(Bob M) #1300

My wife is convinced our pup doesn’t mind thunder or fireworks because we watched a lot of movies with loud noises.

Our pup did go outside and bark up a storm though at the neighbor’s fireworks. Had to go get her.


Carly. From this:
To this:

(Cathy) #1302

I finally have a pup that doesn’t mind fireworks. But I do.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1303

Thunder expected here tomorrow. Luckily she doesn’t follow weather forecasting.


There’s thunder forecast nearly every day in the upcoming week…in this part of the UK at any rate.
Freaks carly out…but not as much as fireworks.

(Bob M) #1305

Same here:

By the way, saw an interesting equation. Add the temperature (in F) to humidity, and if it’s over 150, don’t go jogging with your dog. Want to go jogging tomorrow, but while temp is only 70F, humidity in the morning is near 100, so that’s over 150.

Between it being too smoky and too hot, I’m not getting my normal 2 times per week with my pup of jogging.

(Robin) #1306

Same here. Ditto and ditto.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1307

Desensitize a dog to thunder is possible my vet claims. Playing thunder recordings repeatedly, with increasing volume.
We never seem to remember until it’s too late. And Fireworks, well …

(Robin) #1308

@Pjam @coopdawg I believe Paul is becoming desensitized to fireworks and thunder this year. I credit our new doggie stroller. I got it because he’s old and on our walks he poops out in the heat and just comes to a complete stop. Just done. So now I bring our little stroller, pop him in and take a nice long walk. He loves it.
whenever he heard distant thunder on a walk, he would freak out and run back home. Now I put him in the stroller and we continue our walks. It’s helping both issues. Even at home.

Plus, I’ve learned that people love seeing dogs in strollers. We’ve made some new friends.

I love the idea of playing recordings. Will look into that.


Carly takes me for a walk!

Flip, she is a strong dog no joking!
This is why I bring her to a safe area when she can burn off all her energy when off the lead (leash I think, in US).

She loves driving in the car though, she’s in her space (caged off) in the rear hatch, but I keep the windows down so she can smell all the scents. She wines at dogs, ignores other cars unless they also have dogs in them, and for some reason goes apes*it at every motor bike that passes (barking mad). If it’s too hot, i bring her for a drive, same if it it raining sideways and howling wind.


(Robin) #1310

Yeah, Paul would probably go for a drive in the middle of a tornado.


Our weather risk level has been reduced, not full week anymore.


It still might rain on the twelfth though! :cry:

But at least no lightning risk to hit the banners and ceremonial swords lol.

(Cathy) #1313

Is she a Havanese? So cute!!!

(Marianne) #1314

Angel! Is he your drinking buddy? :laughing: