Your dogs - let's see them



Ahahahaha… that face xD Classic.

(Robin) #1276

How do they know??? It’s uncanny.


Nearly got her snoozing.

She is unamused.

(Robin) #1278

She reminds me so much of Paul. He looks perpetually peeved, even though he’s a happy boy


(Stephanie ) #1279

My newest addition, Sofie Ann :purple_heart:


Awww. Sophie Ann looks like she’s lost her favourte toy and she’ll cry if she wants to! :smile:



“Get that $£%&?!# camera outa my face!!! Feckin’ paparazzi!!!”

(Robin) #1282



Old one of Gus curled up in his bed, sniffing his own paws.

Lazer eye Gus.

Look into my eyes…and you’re under!



Back yard- carly in snow.

My mum’s Chihuahua, bullying Carly!


Such a beautiful lady : )

I miss being around dogs. Contrary to popular belief, nobody has to be either a ‘cat person’ or a ‘dog person’. I grew up around dogs, and I’ll admit I wasn’t all that keen on cats at that time but that was simply because we never had one, so I didn’t trust them.

When I moved out by myself, cat number one was something of an accident; a friend asked me and my boyfriend if we would be able to drive out to a farm to pick up a kitten they wanted, and we agreed. This involved keeping the kitten overnight and she was meant to come collect in the morning. But she was flaky, and changed her mind. Just as well, because already I would have had a hard time parting with the little ■■■■■ xD


The Bear is running around whining like a bitch possessed.
I’ve given her a a dried dear trachea stuffed with a venison mixture, and she’s desperately trying to find somewhere to dig and hide it.
She’ll hide it somewhere, like behind the curtains, then go and check it 10 minutes later and try to hide it somewhere else. :man_facepalming:
Highly entertaining! (Bit blurry as we were both moving.)

(Robin) #1287

I had a dog that used to hide her rawhide chew sticks (which were down just mere nubs)… in the cat’s tail. She’d spend all day going nuts, hiding, then checking, completely psychotic/neurotic. Drove us ALL crazy!
Finally stopped buying them for her.

(Allie) #1288

Thought I’d share this pic from two years ago when Bertie was smaller than his head is now, but he still sleeps in the same position :rofl:


Dogs flat out on their backs, eh?
This one won’t even help with the chores…


(Robin) #1291

Our Paul…Part mutt, part mountain goat.
And all heart. Mine… he stole it.

(Cathy) #1292

What a cutie pie!!!

I once had a dog that lived on the back of my couch! I use to think she was part cat.

(Robin) #1293

Paul goes wherever the sun is. He moves around the house in a predictable pattern. I can’t remember where the sun is according to seasons or time of day, but he’s got it down…and there is a bed in each of the locations. Spoiled much?

(Shannon) #1294

Our dog, Bea, sits on the back of the couch like that too :joy:.

And here’s our other one, Arthur