Your dogs - let's see them



I so agree. My 17 yr old daughter is a portrait artist and omgosh she can capture people so real and exact image. her self portraits are amazing. I told her the same thing, this is a more rare talent in the artist biz. I actually tried to get her to go to art school for this cause she could have a big career in it I believe, but she said if she makes it her job then it loses its magic…yea that is the artist in her right? :slight_smile: instead she wants to be a teacher and still paint on the side. Portrait artists of living beings is a big talent for sure! More power to him doing such great paintings.

Here is pic of Bolt, the seizure dog that was on death’s door last week but now he seems balanced out again and he is on vacay at the beach :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #1256

Very cute. Did you do anything to help with the seizures?

(Robin) #1257

Hi Bolt!


oh yea, $2000 before when it hit about 1.5 yrs ago to get him ‘balanced’ and this last issue was $2,230 in vet hospital to save his life a few wks ago…ugh

key is he survived and is basically werido changed on ‘Cepra’ and Phyenobarbatol to correct all this WHICH WILL take out his liver but him being 11.5 yrs my vet is like another great yr or 2 OFF all seizures that can kill him or wait for when the liver can’t metabolism the big drugs.

I tell ya ctv it is one of those dammned if ya do and dammned if ya don’t ya know…big ugh on best way forward but he has another vet check on Aug 19 to learn how the big increase on meds is effecting liver so we just wait and see…not ever a happy med dance with critters we wanna make ok…bleck!!!

(Robin) #1259

It’s just awful! Not the money (well, that’s awful too) but unbearable to have our old critters in pain or suffering in any way.


yea I feel ya on that and I know you know :heart: we all been thru the pet walk, ugh


I already saw Bolt in the carni topic - but he is unsurprisingly even way more cuter on his own 4 paws :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lovely dog, I can’t stop smiling looking at the photo :wink:

(Marianne) #1262

Oh, he’s an angel! Glad he is doing better. :innocent:

Wow. That is an extreme talent. Can you post pictures of some of her works? I’d LOVE to see them.


I can later, all at home but when I get a chance will zip some onto phone and post…appreciate you wanting to see some she has done, for being younger I know she shows big promise :slight_smile:

in fact my neice Amanda is getting married in Oct and I ‘commissioned’ my kiddo to do a portrait of her and soon to be hubby as her gift to them and she is sketching out facial cues from the facebook photos A has posted…I will pay her only $100 and she said wow that is low and I said I AM YOUR MOM, you cut me a break HA

(Marianne) #1264

I think that’s a great gift - and, you are getting it at a steal! :laughing: On the other hand, motherhood should have its perks. :wink:


you said that right!!! :wink:

(Bob M) #1266

How much does she normally charge?


@ctviggen, is this about my kid, nothing. she is new. just does it for herself kinda thing. she is only 17 and when I say this should be a career for you she says it sucks all the life out of why she enjoys her art.
So I figured a 100 she would jump easily and she did, lol
I kinda wanted to show her anything she does has value but I ain’t paying alot HAHA


Maybe she is quite happy with 100 but she has the mindset that her skills and work deserves more… It’s pretty healthy to the right extent (and in the right situation) :wink:


nah she don’t


Carly when it wasn’t as warm as it has been today:


Carly’s predecessor, Gus.
He’s about 14 here, he died aged 15, poor pup.
Fit right up until the end, then went fast with pancreatitis (I think it was cancer related, lumpy lymph nodes too).
I added the booze for comedy effect.
He never drank vodka and Coors of course, that would 've been cruel.
Especially because he was a ‘Scrumpy Jack’ cider drinker…lol. Joking of course.
His eysight started to go towards the end too. Great pup.

(Robin) #1272

Hey, Gus looks like a good pal.


Crept up on her to catch her snoring, but her anti photo sense kicked in.
Deep sleeping to alert in 0.0005 seconds.


She’s lovely!
One of the best things this WOL has given me is so much more energy to spend doing fun stuff with the pups.