Your dogs - let's see them



Ohhh. Such a good looking pup.


It’s hard to lose them- I know all about that unfortunately.


Yeah Bob, we’ll keep trying.

She’s not that bad really…but very strong- she doesn’t realise her own strength when she’s running at full speed at someone!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #1237

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: he never looked excited. He had that boxer face. Everyone used to come up to me and say awwww he looks so sadddd! And I was like dude, he’s one of the happiest dogs of life, that’s just his resting boxer face.

Thanks! He was very handsome, my little man.

I loved him so much that I allowed him to ride in the back seat of my Mustang GT everyday. He went everywhere with me. There will always be a piece of him in my car because I we’ll never ever be able to get out all his dog hair from the carpet.


I love the red eyes.

Reminds me of myself at the weekends, lol.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #1239

:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I don’t think you’re lying. But truth be told, me too.

(Bob M) #1240

I’ve always liked boxers. In one class I took our puppy, there was a couple with their young boxer. We were the only two dogs that passed that class (an actual “puppy” class) without needing more work. That boxer was always focused and ready to go. My dog is less focused…way less focused, but can learn the techniques. As long as no instructor or dog comes close, then it all collapses.

(Little Miss Scare-All) #1241

@ctviggen I took Champ to puppy class, too. He did really well. He was a quick learner but yeah, sort of got a bit distracted here and there, but they’re puppies. That’s what they do lol.


I think I save this pic to use when I am down :smiley: I have a quite good mood day and now I am smiling widely :smiley: Wonderful photo!!!

And indeed, he has The Face in all pics! :rofl: Good looking dog :slight_smile:

Did I write about this I wonder, oh well. I am even more talkative today than normal.
I only have cats. I actually prefer them but it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like dogs :smiley: My favs are german shepherds and collies. The latter for the look, I never knew any personally. I met lovely german shepherds, one was called Satan, it had a wonderful long and almost totally black fur and he was sweet to me. I was a kid and we just have met and we were separated after maybe half an hour or less when the owners realized we are together… He was the sweetest dog ever and I still think it was highly unfair… I knew he wouldn’t hurt me. I always was good with dogs, nothing magic so mean stray dogs still wanted to attack me (my worst fall happened due to that) but that’s a special case. Normal dogs liked me, apparently and I liked them.

I came for photos, this topic doesn’t disappoint :smiley:

(Bob M) #1243

I really wanted to get the name of the couple with the boxer, as I think that dog and ours would have great play dates. Unfortunately, I forgot and they aren’t in our current class.

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Oops, sorry - I knew she was a she!

(Marianne) #1245

Here is Bambi. She was my heart dog. We lost her in February. This was Halloween 2016.

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Love the puppy photos! Here are my two

6 pounds. And

126 pounds

(Marianne) #1248

Haha!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: The little one probably rules the roost!


Yep! My mum’s Chihuahua (Molly) can bully the hell out of Carly.

A Chihuahua normally weighs between 1.5 to 3 kilos…I think Carly was 36 kilos last time I weighed her. Funny to watch! :joy:

(Marianne) #1250

Great visual. :rofl:


I’ll get some pics!

(Bob M) #1252

At one time, I had a Shih Tzu. That dog was tiny. But when my friend, with his much larger dog came over, the two dogs had the best time playing. It was funny to see this tiny dog with a dog maybe 10 times the weight (or more) playing together.


I think my doggies are having me over. They won’t eat kibble/biscuit/dried food at all now. I think it’s because since starting Keto I’m cooking meat all the time and they know I’ll give in and share it sooner or later!
They won’t even eat the dried stuff covered in bacon! :zipper_mouth_face:


Billie is two and a half years old now. She doesn’t eat processed pet food. She eats a low carb diet. The recipe is formulated by a veterinarian. Some veterinary colleges do actually teach nutrition across multiple species.