Your dogs - let's see them


(Cathy) #1215

I know the feeling! Very good looking puppy!

(Robin) #1216

Thanks. He’s my guy.

(Jane) #1217

Such a sharp, intelligent look! He’s an old soul for sure……

(Robin) #1218

Yes he is. Paul is also an old fart. I live with two old men.


Warning! Carly slide show incoming. Warning! (Klaxon sounds)
I brought Carly to the ‘drive through dog wash’ today. It’s also a doggy day care centre, or just a place where they have enclosed play areas with pools and ‘assault course’ type installations to exercise the pups.

(Bob M) #1220

Nice! Tractor’s Supply has a dog wash, though I haven’t used it.


Yeah- this is a lot easier than carrying a 36 kilo pooch, dripping wet, from your own bath to get down the stairs and outside to dry her. Also a lot cheaper than the groomers.

This costs £8.50 whilst the groomers can be £20 to £25 for a dog Carly’s size.

The machine has cycles (and has audio voice prompts).

  • Shampoo (organic, dog friendly)
  • Rinse
  • Conditioner (organic, dog friendly)
  • Flea treatment (organic, dog friendly…don’t rinse out- leaves the pups coat very soft and silky)
  • Slow blow dry
  • Fast blow dry (then get dog out)
  • Disinfect cubicle rinse for 1 minute.

It’s really good- I’m impressed with it.

(Allie) #1222

I just don’t bath my dogs.

Bertie has had one bath, after he ran off and found a ditch filled with fermented cow sh*t and rolled in it. Caked all over… as was I after catching him and putting his lead on.

Walked home, tired to fence outside and rinsed him with the hose to get the worst off, before going to pet shop for special odour removing dog shampoo.



I brought Carly for a ‘free range’ walk after the bath, with my sister who is home from England.
I said to my sis, ‘Carly will try to roll in something minging to get rid of her clean smell, bet ya.’

Sure enough, on the return leg of the walk, I saw her doing aligator rolls in what turned out to be dried cow pat. I sprinted at her and chased her- she knows not to do that, the skitter!

Thankfully the cow pat was that dry i didn’t have to clean her again. The bitch!


(Bob M) #1224

We’ve bathed ours once. She has much less chance of getting into anything “bad”. At least on our property.

Before and after grooming:

Shows her actual colors:

Going to her third set of classes tonight. She hates the car, something about the movement. But when stop and she realizes where she is, she PULLS me in through the two front doors and into class. She loves it. Over the course of 6 weeks, went from being a blob on the floor, to being the most animated dog in the class, and that’s saying something, because there was a boxer in there. Can’t wait to visit other dogs, jump on the instructor or other humans, etc.


I brought Carly to puppy classes too. She loved it…but she’s a Doberdor and can be very stubborn even now that she’s older!

Yeah, I can throw a ball for her, she will run and get it, retrieve it and bring it me…but then tease me by not dropping the ball to piss me off.

I just ignore her when she does that, then she’ll drop the ball in my lap or feet and nudge me with her nose to get the game going again.

I still have her puppy training rosette, if that’s the word?


This is my 10 year old rescue, Heidi. But shhh! - she doesn’t know she’s a dog!

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(Marianne) #1228

That is hilarious! I think it’s that beard and eyebrows. Looks like a ticked off Sean Connery. :laughing::rofl:

(Marianne) #1229

I bet he loves going there!


She does!

(Bob M) #1231

That’s a nice one. I’m aiming for what is referred to as “canine good citizen”, which has a lot of requirements attached to it. Will take multiple classes, a lot of training.

Our dog currently would pass a few of those, with no distractions. But you have to pass the test with distractions. That’s going to take a while.

Right now, she gets so excited to see new people that it’s a real challenge to calm her down. It supposedly can take 6,000-12,000 repetitions to build this type of calm response.


Carly gets very excited meeting people…jumps all over them.
It’s embarrassing tbh. And she is 4 and a half years old!

Thankfully, she mellows out after about 10 minutes. Phew!

(Little Miss Scare-All) #1233

Here’s my lil homie, Champ the boxer. He had been a lion for halloween, and boy did he look excited :laughing:

I lost him this past March to cancer and miss him every day. He was the sweetest most lovable dog I ever had. Gone way too soon.

(Bob M) #1234

@x-Dena-x That is a great costume, but he did not look excited. We can’t get anything like that on our dog. This hat lasted about 30 seconds:

(This was her “graduation” hat for one of the training classes we took.)

@coopdawg You can definitely work on that, if you choose to. Our last class had a mix of dogs, 4 that had passed the canine good citizen, and the rest did not. It was instantly apparent which dogs had and had not passed. The dogs that had passed were mellow, just sitting or standing there. My dog, by contrast, was all over the place and I couldn’t even treat her to calm her down.

It just takes a lot of training for this.

Our dog is getting better with meeting people, but we’re still far away from having her not jump on people when they come over. A few hundred more times, with training, and we should be good. :wink: