Your dogs - let's see them



Carly bird and cat spotting out the window:

(Allie) #1196

OK if we are doing cute puppy pics… :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Robin) #1197

You’re killing me.

(Allie) #1198

Now this…



(Doug) #1200

Allie, he looks like quite a forbidding lad now…:wink:

(Wendy) #1201

Beautiful!!!:black_heart: Silver Labs are Gourgous!

(Rebecca ) #1202

I just saw this thread! All of the Dogs are beautiful, handsome, cute…here is our 14.5 year old rescue Milo.Resized_Resized_20220327_143010|472x500](upload://4Q7yqvWrKVwcejUtltTdB54wYRy.jpeg)

(Rebecca ) #1203

I guess I didn’t attach it.

(Bob M) #1204

That is a beefy looking dog! What kind of dog is it?

There was a guy I knew in Arizona who had an English Bulldog. What a beefy dog that was.

Took our dog to puppy class last night. A lady had her female Great Dane, which she said was the smallest of the Great Danes she had. That dog was huge, weighed around 150 pounds. It was laying on the ground. I would’ve liked to see it stand.

(Allie) #1205

He’s this… :grin:

Great Dane’s don’t do well in life, they’ve been made too big so their hearts can’t cope with their size, rare for one to live past six years old :pensive:

(Robin) #1206

Dang, he’s a handsome brute. Love a big chunky solid dog.

(Marianne) #1207

What a sweetheart!!! Dogs are such a gift.

(Marianne) #1208

Hahaha - what an angel!!! :sob::innocent:

(Marianne) #1209

That is so sad because they are the sweetest things. Gorgeous dogs.

(Jane) #1210

The mon was a giant white fluffy ball of fur so definitely Great Pyrenees. Out of her 7 puppies, 5 were white and 2 were brown. One of the brown ones immediately came over to us so we selected her. They didn’t know who the daddy was so the DNA test was interesting!


Sometimes…do you ever get the impression that the pups don’t like their beauty sleep being interupted for forum pic? :thinking:

(Robin) #1212

My dog absolutely freezes and glares at my phone or Camera if aimed at him. Hates it. That’s why so many of his pics look peeved



(Bob M) #1214

That is funny!