Your dogs - let's see them



If you are on a PC or laptop, use the Paint app to post the pic first, then rotate it if required…then simply copy and paste onto here- it’ll be as was seen in the Paint app.

(Allie) #1175

Thanks will use that if I’m able to use the work PC. Home laptop died :sob:


Carly doberdor, recently.



What a wonderful thread!

Meet Peanut & Elsa.

(Christina Lopresti) #1179

Here is Milo. A silver lab at 2 months and now at a year old.

(Robin) #1180

Whoa… look at those eyes! Beautiful.

(Bob M) #1181

Got a lot darker, too.

Got my dog genetics:

Higher in retriever and lower in poodle than I thought. If you calculate just by theoretical percentages based on parents, she should be about 69% Poodle, 25% Bernese Mountain Dog, and 6% retriever (if you’re familiar with these terms, her parents were an F1bb goldendoodle and an F1 bernedoodle). Instead, she’s about 57% Poodle, 27% Bernese, and 16% retriever.

Still cute and fun, though.


Flip me! I didn’t even know you could get that analysis done (for dogs).

I witnessed my pup’s parents at their home.

It was an accident apparently. They were breading Dobermanns, but a male chocolate Dobermann took an interest in the family chocolate labrador…and the rest is history.


(Allie) #1183

If we’re going the DNA route… :smiley:

(Bob M) #1184

Very interesting breed there - a lot of terrier. I always wonder if it’s true that “traits” are associated with breeds, and if so, how many of them actually get transferred.

Many people get the DNA tests done to test for possibility of disease. At the vet’s, the person who signed us in had a huge dog. He got his dog’s genetics tested because he was told the dog was mainly one breed (German shepherd?), and working in the vet’s office, he knew everything that could go wrong with that breed. His dog turned out to be only 5% that breed. But you also get a lot of data about possible links to diseases along with breed info.


OK, I can see why you would do that.

If you don’'t mind…what sort of cost would thart be?

OK if you don’t want to reveal btw :slight_smile:

(Bob M) #1186

I used Embark:

For health and breed ID, it’s $140, and for breed ID only, it’s $100.

There may be sales, but I think I paid the $140.

I wanted both breed and health, as I’m going to have this dog (hopefully) for the next 10+ years, and wanted to know what issues might arise. They did find one possible issue, although the vet said not to be too concerned.

(Allie) #1187

When I got Bertie’s done it was £40 on Amazon for a Wisdom Panel test, has doubled since :pleading_face:

(Robin) #1188

So cute, that one!

(Marianne) #1189

That dog is adorable!!! :sob::innocent::heart:

(Marianne) #1191

Very cool. I’ve thought of having that done. Can you attach a picture of your sweetie again so we can see with the results?

(Jane) #1192

Embark was $100 when I tested Ella almost 2 years ago. They match up her DNA with other dogis with similar percentages and it was fun to see the pictures - some looked just like Ella, some were mostly black from the black lab and some were mostly white from the great pyrenees.

The mom was great pyrenees and golden retriever. The unknown dad turned out to be black lab and pit bull.

(Marianne) #1193

So interesting. She’s beautiful. I’d look at her and think no way there is Great Pyrenees in her. We are all the sum of our parts!


Carly at 7 weeks:

Carly a bit more grown up, showing off her pearly white knashers: