Your dogs - let's see them

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #82

Fucking Halarious!!!

(Bob) #83

My sweet rescue pup Sheba.

(Jo) #84

Luca, my old, sweet, schnauzer cross. My best bud and companion.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #85

I thought you’d at least show your dogs paw!! LOL

(Bob) #86

Just trying to get her to look up in time for the pic was enough!

(Ellen) #87

He’s gorgeous, sorry for your loss, it really is like loding a family member.

(Jeremy Storie) #88

Rex and Rosebud. 9 year old brother and sister. Jack Russell and Rat Terrier mix.

(Bunny) #89


(Bob Johnson) #90

Allow me to introduce… Hades!

(Sophie) #91

Terriers are my favorite breed even though I love them all!

(Nicole Sawchuk) #92

My ewok Lucy-Lou

(Clare) #93

pictures of dogs make me happy.

(Vicki Stroud) #94

This is my sister’s pit bull my sister is a hairdresser and said this was Daisy’s costume for Halloween


My little one (mini poodle) annoying my old guy (moyen size doodle of some sort). He’s 11 years. She’s 1 and she really torments him sometimes.

(Michele) #96

My darling girl Bella who has the hardest life.

(Sophie) #97

Oh my goodness…she’s pitty-ful! LOL :smile:

(Sophie) #98

Lucy…Our Home Security System…:smile:

(Michele) #99

She has multiple couches to sleep on as well as our bed! Getting be a wee bit of an old lady - somewhere around 11 (as a rescue not sure of her age)

(Sophie) #100

Lucy rescued us too. I figure she was about 2 when she adopted us. She’s around 8-9yrs now and just as rotten as ever. She’s decided that she likes being a princess! :smile:

(Rick) #101

Luna the beagle, and Scooter, a boston Terrier mix. Kooks!