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I like that picture.

As someone about to get a puppy, and reading what types of foods to get, raw food to me seems most appropriate. This is as a person who’s been on keto/low carb since 1/1/14 and who has found the benefits of a species-appropriate diet.

But there’s a lot of bias towards grain-based diets in dogs, with people saying there are “tons” of research indicating non-grain-based diets are bad, including causing cardiomyopathy.

Sound familiar?

Then you start doing the research, and it’s like researching low carb/keto all over again: so much is based on epidemiology or other low quality evidence, and very little based on actual RCTs. And most of the studies are, of course, paid for by people who will benefit if grains are good.

Ugh. Thought I was done with this.


Hey Bob,

Feed your dog a good whole foods diet.

There are a few food toxicities in the literature such as chocolate (in a people world where it is considered food), plus disasters with onions, macadamias, grapes and avocadoes (dose dependent poisonings - more likely in an under nourished, unsated dog). Well meaning people will focus on those when feeding fear.

Domestic dogs are adapted to living with humans. As a puppy, when vets fear monger about growth and skeletal development, feed some breed appropriate (sized) raw :astonished: beef or sheep bones to provide the minerals. Always stay with a puppy while it chews the bone. Chewing is important for a dog’s mental health.

Look for flat trabecular bones like sheep sternum (brisket) rather than sharp pointy bones like back bones and chop bones. Think carefully before feeding cylindrical leg bones, cortical bones can damage dogs’ teeth. But a split beef marrow bone can be a meal for a day. Small breed pups and cats can chew on chicken wing tips quite safely. Keep the beef and chicken bones in the freezer, if you stock up.

Billie (Lab pictured above) has never seen a processed dog “food” from weaning. She is not ‘greedy’ for food, even though the breed has a ‘greedy gene’, and the norm at the dog park is to lament a Labrador’s food drive (I, like you, suspect they are under nourished). So, she doesn’t fuss over food, or tip over rubbish bins like other Labs do.

The pet food companies are owned by the large food companies, mainly. Grains are a cheap substrate on which to pile profit.

Billie is OMAD on fatty beef, egg, sardines, full-cream yoghurt. Now she is adult she gets to eat a raw, frozen chicken frame every second day. She gets raw frozen chicken necks for positive training (or so she doesn’t dawdle following her nose when we have to be somewhere). She gets beef bones from the freezer when left at home, and bone broth, when I share. She probably eats better than I do.

The only side-effects to note are that she is bigger, stronger, brighter, shinier, more active and better looking than any other Labrador that we meet.

I wrote too much in the wrong thread. My apologies. Probably better in one of these threads:

(I’ve got a veterinary degree, 30+ years of clinical experience, and we did do Nutrition training for 6 months of a 5 year degree - back in the 1980s.)

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Thanks for that. I did not know we had those threads. Will post over there.

This is epi evidence, but interesting nonetheless:

I get chicken necks every two weeks with the chickens I buy from the local farm. I was going to use those for soup/broth, but freezing them and giving them to the dog is a great idea.

Sardines: another great idea. Omega 3s are supposedly great for dogs, but I’m always leery of buying liquids.

I’ll find another thread for this.

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My husband and I lost our “Bambi” at the end of February. She was our angel and a perfect dog. On April 8, we got “Jelly Bear,” (aka “Jelly”). He is a french bulldog and a sweetheart. It’s been a real trip having a puppy - not for the faint of heart! - however, we have really enjoyed this stage and he and our little chihuahua (Petey), are a happy diversion to each day.

Here is Jelly - and Petey.

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Sorry for your loss… What a cutey Jelly is! And Petey also.

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My husband did a watercolor of Ella, our muttley dog who is 2-1/2 now.

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Thank you!

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Wow! That is an incredible painting! Such beauful teef!!! He really captured her so well.

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One of my favs he has done so far. I tell him his talent really shows paiting people and pets because they have to look like the real person or animal… whereas painting flowers or favortie scenery pics from our vacation it can be a bit “off” and it doesn’t matter.

He hasn’t had time to paint lately - garden takes up nearly all of our spare time these days - at least until the sun goes down, then we can veg on the computer or whatever.

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I think painting pets and people successfully is one of the hardest things to do as an artist. I think that’s why you don’t see many portrait artists out there. As an engagement gift to my husband (24 years ago), I wanted to commission a portrait of him. Couldn’t find an artist whose work I loved enough. As you say, it has to be just so to get it right.

Do you have a vegetable or flower garden (or both)?

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Both! He tends the flowers and the veggies are my domain… but as I am in Houston for 2 weeks on business right now he is tending both. Right now he is harvesting every day, which is a good problem to have.

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Wow, that’s early - for us in NY, at least! Good for you. Nothing like picking what you grow yourselves.

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That is early.

Here’s our new puppy. About 20 weeks old.

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We got all the peas and radishes we are gonna get this season - too hot, but we were harvesting daily. Squash, cukes and zucchini is daily now. Pulled all the onions to cure last week and looks like the potatoes will be ready to dig up soon.

Lettuce is hanging in there with our heat wave and extra watering. Tomatoes only giving us cherry tomatoes so far but that is daily. Larger varieties are loaded with fruit so once they ripen I will probably be putting some in the freezer, which is a good problem to have!

We pick peppers once a week and no okra yet. In another week we will be picking green and yellow beans at least every other day.

Sorry to hijack the dog thread with garden talk!

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Very cool - sounds like you have a big garden. I planted two tomatoes. They probably won’t produce fruit until August - if we’re lucky! That’s the extent of our vegetables because we don’t eat them, however, I have nine dahlia plants. Love them.


This personal trainer, Billie, is getting me out into the winter sunshine.

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A good friend.

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image image

Bertie being a guard yesterday.

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This is my Zoe whom was a puppy rescue (mother rescued already pregnant). Jack Russell and something else.

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You don’t love me? I’m :broken_heart:!

(Actually, I don’t blame you; he’s a real cutie. :dog2:)