Your dogs - let's see them


(Robin) #1133

Yes. Give it up. Carly deserves the couch just for being such a good girl.

(Bob M) #1134

I do see people who don’t let their dogs on the couch. I think that would be hard to do, as I’d rather have the dog near me, which means on the couch.

(Jane) #1135

My 90-lb dog is not allowed on the couch, but then I hardly ever sit on it since the TV is only on during football season. When we are watching football, she sits at my feet and gets “foot pets”, which she likes better because dogs like stinky smells!!! :laughing:

She’s happy to hang out on a rug or her bed in the same room as me.


More recent images of pupper:
“Seriously! stop taking pics of me wothout my collar on!”
And this how she sleeps most of the time:

(Robin) #1137

Not the best photo, but a perfect capture of how much Paul and I love each other.
My dog, Paul. (Not you @PaulL )


Sorry, just a wee bit off topic. Just a wee bit!

But, and this is is how it has been for me; dog snoring!
Or puppy snoring.

For me, it’s the best, most pleasing and settling sound on the planet.
it puts me to sleep, knowing my pup is snoozing well.

(Robin) #1140

Same and same. And my very favorite smell? Puppy breath. Nothing else even similar. Pure puppy sweetness.
Ands I like when my dog snore while awake!

(Allie) #1141

True story time.

Few days after my Chunk died, I was out walking early one morning and randomly caught a sniff of puppy breath from nowhere (it was outside, in a park). Found Bertie a few days later and turned out he was actually born around the time it happened…

(Robin) #1142

Kismet. Meant to be. Love that.


Billi is 2 as well.

Billie is a good snorer.

(Robin) #1144

Great photo. HBD to Billi.
I am listening to Paul’s snoring as my morning soundtrack right now…

(Allie) #1145

Bertie will be two in August.

Yesterday we went to a big doggy event which included a fun dog show and I entered Bertie in the “most handsome fella” category… and they didn’t even look at him, again, second year in a row, which made him sad… so I got him a special dinner to cheer him up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Allie) #1146

(Bob M) #1147

Really? What dog did they choose?

(Allie) #1148

OK I give up on photos as no matter what I do, they’re either sideways or now upside down :confused:

(Allie) #1149

Final three picked were a greyhound, a Rottweiler, and something else… we were all told to leave the ring so I didn’t take make notice tbh.

(Bob M) #1150

Well,I think he’s handsome.

(Robin) #1151

Well HE thinks the bad dogs couldn’t leave the area. So, yay!


Our Bolt the Papillion getting some meat from me.
yes this dog loves me more than anyone else…guess why? I feed him HA


Billie demands a walk even if “a hurricane” is on its way. She is a tough personal trainer. I wanted to stay by the fire with the cat.