Your dogs - let's see them


(Ashley) #1051

This is happy news to hear, sounds like he’s slowly on the mend! I am hoping for the happy news he’s out getting walks and happier times ahead for him! Knowing you he has a lot of chews to keep him mentally stimulated! :heart:

(Allie) #1052

Here’s my little man sitting nicely in the car :grinning:

(Ashley) #1053

What a good big boy lol! He’s too cute. And he’s still growing gosh! I love the bandana! :heart:

(Jane) #1054

I just ordered a canine DNA test for Ella from Will post the results in another month when I get the results along with a recent pic.

Should be fun to find out some of the genetics in my mixed mutt! :smiley:

She is the most protective dog I’ve ever had - more so of me than my husband. If he is working outside she will eventually come inside to be with me. If I am working outside she won’t leave me no matter how long I stay outside.

(Ashley) #1055

I’d love to know what my zero is mixed with, I know he’s border collie, pretty sure he’s springer spaniel too, but wonder what else. My little one Luna would be interesting too, she’s a mix of some sort too, i think part chihuahua but I could be wrong!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1056


(Allie) #1057


Weighing in at 43.4kg and deciding he wanted to ride home in the front seat… image resizing on here always makes them sideways :pensive:

(Jane) #1058

Wow. 95 lbs!

He always looks so calm. I have no idea how much Ella weighs because she gets so amped up going to the vet she won’t be still on the platform scale long enough for it to register. It bounced up to 80-something lbs once but could have been her wiggling.

(Allie) #1059

He is usually calm but when the mood takes him, it’s a lot of dog to leap around :joy: we go to a park store to weigh in and they keep a chart of his progress for me.

Today I’m sure he’s taller than yesterday :joy:

(Allie) #1060

Here’s my baby today, showing off the new collar I had to get him to fit his 21” neck. This morning, at seven months old, Bertie weighed in at 44.7kg so he is still growing crazy fast. But, in the last few days, we have really turned a corner in his recovery :grinning: He’s in lots less pain now and managing to walk more. Still restricted, limited to very slow walks for short distances as it seems to be the walking speed rather than the distance that sets him back. Hard for me as I tend to go at 100mph everywhere, but I’ll do whatever my baby needs me to do to help his recovery :heart:

(Allie) #1061

My baby, eight months old.

We have turned a real corner in his recovery now, as you can see. This morning was the first time Bertie was able to go off the lead after his surgery and he absolutely LOVED it! He only had a few mins running around but we had to walk home afterwards and he didn’t struggle at all, in fact he seemed really energised and has been happy end full of bounce all day :heart: