Your dogs - let's see them


(Marianne) #1030

Love it!!! :laughing: Last March, we adopted an 8-year old chi. He is a doll. Same thing with him. Doesn’t take much and he’s tuckered. Just my speed!


(Marianne) #1031

Oh, those eyes! Melt your heart. Beautiful dog.

(Marianne) #1032

What an angel. Labs are so wonderful.


ohhh so cute and mine sleeps like that all the time too

I agree, just my speed also plus on vacation we own an rv and take him everywhere, believe me a ‘small one’ is SO much easier for sure in that rv.

(Allie) #1034

Bertie had his surgery yesterday, thankfully only the left side needed doing but he’s still in massive pain.

Last night was awful, he was crying almost constantly and couldn’t settle. He also wet a couple of times which isn’t like him at all.

Today he’s lots happier, I think it was the pain meds and anaesthetic making him feel worse yesterday, but still clearly in pain.

The specialist orthopaedic vet is hopeful he will recover well but says arthritis is guaranteed at some point in his life. We have a check up tomorrow and another in a month. Complete recovery is expected to take eight weeks. The vet also assumed he was a mastiff because he’s so big, 38kg at five months, no six months he turned yesterday.

(Jane) #1035

Poor baby… I hope the pain eases soon and he mends well.

(Polly) #1036

So sorry for him, and hope he feels more himself soon. Give him a big pat from me and a friendly woof from my dog.


Who has heard of the heart soluble vitamin? Vitamin K9.

(Polly) #1038

Brilliant, @FrankoBear thank you.

(Susan) #1039

Aww, the poor dear, he is a beautiful dog. I hope that he will be able to heal properly and get lots of rest and out of pain soon. Maybe you could put him in some diapers for a few days to help for the accidents? I have heard of people doing that with their pets after situations like this. Hugs to you both.

(Allie) #1040

Thanks Susan but he’s been fine since the drugs the vet gave him wore off, now I’m having to trouble keeping him calm and rested.

Another eleven days and he can go for five minute lead walks :frowning:

He’s very clingy with me :heart:


(Ashley) #1041

I’m so glad he only had to have the one side done! :heart: I know it sucks to see him in pain right now but the amount of relief you will be giving him will be worth it in the end!

(Susan) #1042

I am so happy for this darling dog that he has such a wonderful Human Mum. You are a terrific woman, Allie, and all humans and animals that come into contact with you (including all of us on here) are blessed. I wish that I could give you a big hug.

(Allie) #1043

Bertie pic just because… :heart:

He wanted to come out on the bike with me but sadly that’s a long way off, if it’s ever going to happen at all with his joints.

Weigh in today, 27 weeks old, 39.8KG :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

(Marianne) #1044

Oh, I’m so sorry. It is horrendous when they are in any discomfort. I hope he is doing much better!!!

(Marianne) #1045

Oh, God bless!!! That is such good news!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1047

Not my dogs, but… This so-called ‘dog park’ below my balcony has been under construction for the better part of 2 years! Before that this little cul de sac was a people park. It contained about a dozen large oak and maple trees and many smaller trees growing between them. There were also several large rhododendrons. All gone now. Looks like there’s just about as much concrete as not in this new ‘dog park’ and the green is not real grass, just a carpet. We were promised trees, but I don’t see any.

(Doug) #1048

Michael, that looks like somebody was playing a ‘city builder’ type of computer game. They deleted all the trees and then put down the white border and then…

In the Atlanta area there are dog-themed ‘parks’ that make me roll my eyes and say, “Ugh…” Here’s the description: “with expansive greenspace for dogs to go off-leash, cooling stations and a bath area, shaded seating, wifi and televisions. Fetch will also feature a vintage Airstream trailer with a selection of beer, wine and spirits, as well as a complete coffee bar.”

It’s free for people to enter but if you want to bring your dog in it’s $10. :roll_eyes:

(Ashley) #1049

How is he doing now? Poor guy, I hope it’s getting a bit easier for him.

(Allie) #1050

@monsterjuice he’s bored and frustrated, but gradually improving. Some days he’s really stiff and sore, but most days he seems happier than he was before the surgery.

Bertie’s crate that he sleeps in weighs about 20kg and he keeps pulling it around the room putting it in different places! One very strong pup now over 40kg in weight and standing 24" at the shoulder with still a lot of growing to do :face_with_hand_over_mouth: