Your dogs - let's see them


(Polly) #1010

Ouch, so sorry to hear that.

He looks adorable. I hope the vet can help him.

(Ashley) #1011

What can be done for that sort of thing? If you’d like to not talk about it understand!

(Susan) #1012

Aww, I am so sorry, Allie. He is adorable. I hope that the vet can help him out as well.

(Allie) #1013

So my baby has this condition -

He’s just started a month long course of antibiotics because, as well as the joints not forming properly, there’s bone fragments floating around in the joint and apparently the meds are the best option to get rid of them.

He’s booked in for orthopaedic surgery with a specialist vet on Feb 11th. My amazing vets have arranged for this man to come into their surgery specifically to do Bertie’s op. It’s going to be invasive, he’s going to suffer a lot of pain, and there will be a long rehab and recovery - BUT, without treatment, he will very quickly end up is absolute agony and if the joints degenerate any further, the chances of fixing them will be slim to nonexistent.

@monsterjuice they’ve basically got to recreate the joints so the bones fit together properly.

(Jane) #1014

Oh, I am so sorry Allie! Poor Bertie :cry:

(Robin) #1015

beautiful big boy!

(Ashley) #1016

I am so sorry Bertie is dealing with this! The last bit you wrote, slim chance, does this mean if you wait it will be slim? Or does it mean even with the surgery early on chances will be slim? I’m hoping for a full recovery for him, and if it works out decently how does it look into adulthood for the dog? Is arthritis and pain inevitable even with surgery? I’m sorry your dealing with this when you have dealt with so much with your pets over the last few years, I will say though, your pets couldn’t of asked for a better owner! The quality of life and what you do for them is remarkable, other owners wouldn’t do as much as you do going above and beyond for them, but alas you are like me where your pets are your family. I’d be lost without mine with everything going on this last year!

(Susan) #1017

Oh wow, Allie =-(( I am so sorry that you and Bertie have to go through all this. I hope that he will do well with all of the treatments and surgery and healing afterwards. Big hugs.

(Allie) #1018

@monsterjuice without treatment now, the joints will degenerate and as that happens the chances of surgery fixing it get smaller and smaller. It’s one of those conditions that has the best prognosis when dealt with early.

There will be osteo arthritis in future, that is apparently guaranteed, but the earlier the surgery is done, the better the chances of it being minimal. Some dogs always need medication and supplements, we won’t know whether Bertie will need ongoing treatment until the future unfolds.

(Polly) #1019

How awful for you both. Thank goodness you seem to have caught it early. Hoping the surgery goes well and that he recovers well from it.

(Ashley) #1020

I’m so glad he has you as a owner then! I hope you update us as the surgery happens and he begins to recover! He will be in my thoughts. I hope for a full and happy recovery!


just throwing out another pic I got of kid and her Papillion named Bolt in the kayak.

oh yea he is family LOL

the yellow on him is his lifejacket and yea very hard to find for a 10lb dog LOL cause when he is wet, he shrinks down to like nothing and the darn lifejacket almost is a killer to him vs. saving him HA omg…we fretted over this but in the end, he can swim! so of course we all would jump in and save him anyway :wink:

(Marianne) #1022

Good luck; what an angel.

(Marianne) #1023

He’s living the life! We have a frenchie and they have negative buoyancy. They are built like cinder blocks with short little legs


omg too hysterical truly…cinder blocks to the bottom, I get ya on that cause I swear this thing couldn’t swim either but when ‘we tested’ him he just ‘made it’ but longer term swim, hell no, he is gonna go down fast for sure :slight_smile: Energy depleted and ‘tiny legs’ to move slow in water means they are screwed for sure :wink:

(Marianne) #1025

He’s so little that a short distance to us is like a football field to him! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing:

(Jane) #1026

Hubby pruned the rose bushes while dormant. Canes with thorns don’t slow Ella down! She had a huge cane in her mouth, then chewed off this smaller piece. She is by the front door like I would ever let her bring it in the house so I can step on it with my bare feet! :rage:


yea so true, so true

they are ‘easy to exercise’ too and walk ya know.

I have a big ball in the backyard…3 or 4 monster kicks, way down the yard, he goes full speed and DONE deal…he is wiped out LOL

no big hassle like trying to tire out a big dog for sure!

(Allie) #1028

image image image image

I got my Bertie’s DNA results, bit of a shock as he was sold as American bulldog dad and Rottweiler mix mum. No ambull in him at all :joy: Don’t care, he’s my baby. The test was just curiosity.

Test also says his full grown size will be between 21 and 36kg - well he’s not yet six months old and yesterday weighed in at 36.5kg

You can see the stage of growth he’s at now, bum up too high. That keeps happening, he was even yesterday then back legs shut up again overnight. Will take a few weeks and his front legs will slowly catch up, but it’s the front legs he needs surgery on…

He’s sore today and struggling, full dose of pain meds but still lying on the floor crying with the pain. Surgery Thursday. Pain will be worse afterwards and recovery / rehab will be slow… but it’s the best chance he has :heart::pensive::heart:


10 months old. Billie, On LCHF. 37.7Kg