Your dogs - let's see them

(Mark Myers) #62

Bear on the left is 50 lbs, Pixie is 15 lbs. That’s 65 lbs total. That is what I’ve lost on the keto way of eating.

(melinda) #63

This is Zoe! 9 months old mini schnauzer (probably a mix of some kind)

This is Bella, my mini schnauzer who sadly passed a year and a half ago.

This is Pez my beagle/lab/? mix

(KB Keto) #64


(Joel Brewer) #65

Here are my four. There’s my baby Ella, Rumor, Blade and Shrek and one pic has their besties Fable and Gunner in it. My guys are miniature pinchers (minpins) and their buddies are Brussels Griffons.

(Vicki Stroud) #66

My boys Schultz will be 1 11/29 Gus with cropped ears turned 2 on 7/4. We got Schultz as a puppy and took in Gus in May when the breeder took him back and needed to place him long story. I had a Giant Schnauzer from the same breeder years ago and have remained friends with him. These 2 come from the same parents, and are extremely active they are outside the majority of the day and rough house hard!

(Sophie) #67

Here’s our Lucy, which everybody Loves! LOL
She doesn’t care to have her picture taken very often. And she doesn’t play frizbee very well either. :roll_eyes:

Mom's Girl

Fizz-Bee 4

(Darlene Horsley) #68

I have a Westie as well. I love these lil’ warriors.

(Donna ) #69

My babies, Buddy (Puggle) and Millie (Pug)


Please meet Riley.

(Vicki Stroud) #71

Awe cute! What breed?


She’s a golden-doodle.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #73

This was TANK! I lost him in 2015. I just can’t seem to get another dog. The loss of a pet is way too hard.

(Vicki Stroud) #74

AWE, When I lost Dayzee my last Giant Schnauzer, I said I would never get another dog, then I knew I wanted to start hiking and wanted a dog to hike with. I looked at all kinds of other breeds, and none of them really “called to me”, so, I said, I am going to stop looking, when I find the right dog, I will know it. So, I just for some reason logged onto a classified site which is local in my area, and searched puppies, and the first ad that came up was BOOM, Danny the guy I got my other Giant from had an ad, and he had 3 left. I knew it was what I wanted and what I needed, there was a void that Dayzee had left that needed to be filled. Someday you will be ready, losing them is way hard, but, the joy they give you when they are with you, there is nothing else like it. It is total unconditional love like no other.

(*Rusty* Instagram: @Rustyk61) #75

Thank you! :cry:

(Doug) #76

Ha! What a GREAT picture!

My wife and I have wanted to name a dog 'Tank" too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Losing a pet - yes, can be so hard. I still cry about a dog that’s been dead since 2004, and he wasn’t even mine; belonged to my dad and stepmom.

(Ellen) #77

This thread has cheered me up no end! More dogs!

(Athena) #78

@PugsDigMusic, I’ve always wondered what your dogs looked like. They are gorgeous! Here’s mine. His name is Ziggy and he was a stinker posing for me today, but I finally got one.


(Sophie) #79

They’re just like people…some just shy away from a camera pointed in their face. My Lucy is the same way. She poses beautifully until I grab a cell phone or camera!


Wahlberg left and latuda right. Here’s a happiness tip. If you have a bad day draw funny eyebrows on your dog with a sharpie. If you can look at that and not laugh uncontrollably there is nothing that can help you.


(Donna ) #81

@amargolis, Ziggy is precious!!! I love that name! LOL

Ziggy is so cute! My neighbor has a 12 lb pug and I’m so jealous of her being able to pick her up and comfortably walk around with her.
Buddy would LOVE to be carried around, but he is 28 lbs and Millie is 26! Buddy is half Beagle, but Millie is full Pug, so I don’t know what her excuse is. I probably shouldn’t feed her the same amount that I feed Buddy. Hahaha!