Your dogs - let's see them


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We have been having some Trouble with Tribbles.

We think we know where they come from though.

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:joy::joy: the international sign of “the spring is here”


Meda, 11 y old


I have a question that you all might be able to answer. :slight_smile: My Tara is a 26-kg labrador and we give her my bone broth daily, we add it to her breakfast/dinner (we add her kibble to water, otherwise she won’t touch water…unless she’s a few more minutes in the sunshine away from death ;))
I prepare my bone broth from just bones+meat, I season it later, so there is nothing that could bother her. Do you think it’s ok if she drinks 1 400ml portion of bone broth per day during the week?

(Ron) #934

Would be nothing but good for her. I would give my lab that without hesitation.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Here’s my fur babies Superfly and Jackie Brown!

(Anna ) #937

Been kayaking even more with my dogs since we can’t go hiking, there are too many people walking dogs at parks and we have a nice lake in town that is still open.

This is Abby

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This is Arttu

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Abby and Aislinn
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This is Amissa

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This is Aislinn

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Two days, three handfuls, and one bad haircut later, the houndstongue was still winning…


I love his/her? look of confusion, with the one ear down :joy: “did all that come from me?!?”

(Kristen Ann) #942

I know she looks depressed lol.


She’s probably thinking “must be that keto diet, causing all this fur loss, i told her she’s crazy” :wink:

(Paulene ) #944

Last weekend we picked up an 11 month of blue/tan German Shepherd, named Grange, as a work companion for my husband.

Husband completely besotted, but poor Grange is very insecure and must be missing his previous enormously.
I’m a ‘people inside, dogs outside’ person, so imagine my befuddlement to find that the only way to keep Grange calm is to have him right beside us - 24 hrs for the first few days. So this is how he slept the first night after husband left for work at 3:30am - nose right on my neck. :joy:

Almost a week later he’s starting to settle a bit but is still very insecure.
He is a beautiful boy.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Wendy) #945

Well shes taken over the couch again!!


Birthday girl :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #947

Adorable!!! Love their names! :rofl:

(Marianne) #948

Oh, that is one gorgeous dog. So soulful looking. I read a post recently from a rescue agency. They said it takes up to three months for a rescue dog to become fully comfortable and acclimated to his/her new home.