Your dogs - let's see them


(Heather Meyer) #848

oh my gosh… she is adorable…love her sleeping position!

(Marianne) #849

OMG, that is a gorgeous picture. What a beautiful, stately dog. If I were there, I’d give him a big kissie!

(Marianne) #850

Beautiful, gentle face.

(Susan) #851

All of the dogs are so adorable, I check this thread all the time (I get notifications for it) and love looking at them -but I don’t have any dogs, just a guinea pig and a bunny --but keep posting them, they are all darling =).

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #852

Just awoke

(Jane) #853

She would give you a big kiss back!

I had just bathed her and it takes a long time for her fur to dry so she was shivering. I pulled her up onto me and covered her with a soft blankie and she just snuggled down and zoned out.

She has large dog genetics (great Pyrenees, Akita, Saint Bernard, German Shepherd) and just playing with my husband ripped his shirt with her teeth. Not mean or meaning to. Just rambunctious

I stripped down to my birthday suit to bathe her in the shower and my hubby was very concerned she might do major damage to my skin. I scoffed. She is a good girl.

I bathed her with no issues and even got some of my expensive conditioner on her to relieve some of her scratching. It worked.

(Marianne) #854


I want him!

(Jane) #855

Ella after some bacon and pork belly.

More please!!!

(A tenger ékszere 🧜‍♀️🍒🍒) #856

Oh my god. I thought my little lucky had cone back from the dead. He was a pure westie too. Ain’t they darlings :blush:

(A tenger ékszere 🧜‍♀️🍒🍒) #857

This is my dingo cross ridgeback. Lady Gaga. She lives up to the name. Total diva :joy::joy::joy:


The true definition of satiety… :wink:

(Marianne) #859

She’s saying, “I love mommy on keto!”


Dogs with Keto moms have the best treats!

(Jane) #861

Finally wore out Ellaphant (Ella)


Just hilarious! :rofl:

(Wendy) #863

So darn cute!! :heart:


It’s over, Bella has figured out how to use a pillow.

I won’t be able to get her up off the couch with a spatula.


This meme always made my husband and I laugh, when we found our Tara on the couch in the morning :wink:

Now she’s too old to jump now… I remember how we used to set up traps and obstacles to see how much of a stunt dog she was. :joy:


Bella has learned sit, come, and place ( sitting on an elevated platform in order to be out of the way or the scale at the vet’s office).

Y’all don’t judge the deck, it was old when we bought the house and wasn’t treated. We’re putting a bandaid on it until next summer.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #867

Bella is one solid dog.