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Little brag, but we’ve been taking Bella to a trainer and training her for 2 (TWO!!!) sessions. And she was awesome at the vet! She didn’t try to jump up on the counter to see the desk workers. She sat when told to. This was also the first time she got onto the scale by herself when I gave her the “place” command.

She was a wiggle worm when the vet was examining her, even though she was sitting. I’d take that over how she used to be.


what a beautiful dog, bellissima :slight_smile:

(Cindi Olson) #870

My co-pilot, Beric Dondarrian and I off-roading last autumn near Bryce Canyon

He’s a one-eyed, half-tailed Shepherd/Great Dane (?) rescued from the mean streets of Mesa, AZ.

(Cindi Olson) #871

Meet Pepper, Beric’s little sister.

Rescued from a shelter in Moreno Valley, CA. Sweetest, calmest, quietest lap dog ever…and she loves to go hiking!


Today we had another training session with Bella. She learned ‘heel’ and was even able to match change of pace, she would sit when we stopped, and we were even able to take her off leash and she did fairly well.

After the training session Bella got to visit Bass Pro Shop. It was very crowded, very busy Saturday, and even the manager remarked how well behaved and beautiful Bella was. She previously wasn’t a fan of bully breeds, but Bella melted into the floor hoping that the manager would rub her belly.

She did. :rofl:


Looks like a German Shepherd/Great Dane. My two favorite breeds merged in one. I bet he is awesome!

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He is a KNUCKLEHEAD!! Haha, just a big, super-friendly, high energy goof-ball…and sadly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. But his heart is pure and he loves me like everyone should be loved at least once in their lifetime.


That’s the Great Dane part. Big, loving goof balls. The German Shepherd part is protectiveness, devotion and yeah - smarts. Can’t have everything - genes fall where they may.

(Wendy) #877

Awsome! My brother had 2, Dragons. They were the size of one of his shoes size 12!! They were a Very cool pet! Then my son got 1. Unfortunately, we were unaware that the pet shop didn’t worm the babies. And he got sick ,so we took him to the vets and he passed away while he was there.

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They are very cool pets! Much more cuddly than you would think :slight_smile:

I’m really sorry to hear about your son’s beardie. I would be devastated if anything happened to my Luna.

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Yeah it was really hard. The vet was cool though she didn’t charge us for the blood work we had done. But my son had a real hard time. I actually painted his room and changed a few things in it. We are crazy animal people. When his teddy bear hamster got sick (he was 4yrs old) old for a hamster. We took him to the vets and had him put down. Because we figured he had cancer. We went thru alot of Gods little creatures in the kids growing up years. And it is totally worth any heartbreak. The Joy and unconditional Love they give is special! :heart:

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I love her!!!


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I do too! She was a therapy dog at a hospital in So. Cal. for a while. She was so calm, quiet, and tolerant that she could lie on the bed with the patients while they received (occasionally painful) treatments and distract them from their situation or circumstances. It was such rewarding work, and she just loved to do it–FREE ATTENTION!! Now we are traveling full-time and she gets to sniff new places all the time…she deserves it!

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How old is she?

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Hi! PLEASE share another picture of Ella! She was 10 weeks old last picture. I just know shes gotten bigger!:heart:

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This is Monty in various locations in Seoul, he is such a poser and always smiling !!

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Nothing subtle about her game!


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Of course! I need to get one of her standing up because her legs have grown a lot!