Your dogs - let's see them


(Marianne) #826

Nothing better than a happy dog. :innocent:

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #827

Those big beautiful eyes in that last pic :heart_eyes:

(Ashley) #828

Don’t let her fool you she’s a brat lol!

(Lazy, Dirty Keto 😝) #829

Mine is too :laughing:


We took Bella to her first obedience training class.

She’s a worn out pupper.

(Wendy) #832

Keep it up! She will do great! My pit Hershey trained for years. Finally she helped AKC open the door for pitbulls to be excepted.

(Anna ) #833

@Wendysue1960 maybe one day that will happen. My dogs already have their own FB and IG page, and I’m just starting to work on a blog as well. Just want to show the world that rescues and particularly small dogs can do stuff too :slight_smile: All of my dogs kayak with me as well.

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(Anna ) #834

@gingersmommy The little guy, I think you are referring to Aislinn, she’s actually my smallest dog but has the biggest personality of all my 4. And yes, that is a Pug / Terrier mix from my best guess, he is my biggest dog and his name is Arttu.

From left to right: Amissa, Abby, Aislinn and Arttu

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(Wendy) #835

They are so photogenic! If you ever decide to make a calendar, just count me in!

(Doug) #836

Anna, great picture! :heart::slightly_smiling_face:

(Jane) #838

Ella is 10 weeks old

(Ellen) #839

She is super cute, am sending virtual snuggles.


Here is Drago, a retired police canine, guarding “his” Great Dane puppy. He practically raised her. He has since passed, and she has grown into a beautiful Great Dane.


Other family members are the Mop, a rescue from a puppy mill. He has a deformed leg and spine that cause some trouble, and is blind in one eye. And this is Alice, a rescue from death row, considered untrainable and a fear biter and returned from several adoptions. With lots of love and patience, she has stopped hiding in the house and just imitates the Mop, including asking for pets and dancing around with pleasure at treat times. She is doing very well. I don’t even want to know what happened in her previous life…


Happy doggie :slight_smile:

(Marianne) #843

God bless.

An older woman from here who had some public notoriety and was perceived by the public as very eccentric bordering on mentally ill, used to put adds for rescued dogs in the newspaper (before there were computers or internet). She would always close her posts with, “God is love; animals are angels.” How true.

(Jane) #844

Snuggle time


My husband seems to catch her in perfect moments :joy: If we translate dog, she’s probably using curse words

(Heather Meyer) #846

oooooh look at that sweet face!

(Heather Meyer) #847

I call this girl Bellaboo but her name is Bella. I babysat her temporarily. She is a 4 year old
Bull Mastiff with a weight problem! But i love her “smooshy face” She lets me smoosh her wrinkly face around and is such a sucky baby. But she is a tank! She likes to think she is a lap dog… but she is well over 100lbs!