Your dogs - let's see them


(Agneta Nilsson) #806

New to the forums, so here’s my first post. :blush:

A pic of my english bull terrier. :heart:


(Kristen Ann) #808

My friend was trying to convince me to go to the bars tonight. He says “how are you going to meet your soulmate of you don’t go out?” My response was “that’s why I collect animals, I’m preparing to be a spinster!”

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #809

Thats what I do; I tend to trust my 4 legged fam more these days anyway :wink:

What’s the male version of a spinster?

(Kristen Ann) #810

Hmmm good question…

(K-9 Handler/Trainer, PSD/EP Specialist, Veteran) #811

Don’t let his forlorn look fool ya… he’s conspiring…

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #812

We visited one of my nephews last night and played with their two dogs.

This is Gilbert who is 14 years old and grey in the face. Gilbert is a sweet and loving dog that is starting to slow down. I wish I had gotten a better picture.

This is Hank in an unusually calm moment. Hank is about 1 1/2 years old and was found abandoned on the side of the road. Hank is total high energy and full of love. He likes to circle you and push on your legs.

He is so gentle with Stella, a grandniece, who is 2 years old. Hank is very aware that she is small and should not be pushed around. Stella is also high energy. They are fun to watch.

The woman in the pictures is Jackie, my oldest, who is keto and has lost 82 lbs. She makes it easier for me to do keto because we share lots of encouragement, podcasts and everything else keto.

(Marianne) #813

I’d say “perpetual bachelor.”

I didn’t get married until 43. The difference this time is that my husband and I still have fun together after all these years, love each other’s company, and both adore our animals.

(Anna ) #814

My dogs are my soul mates. Anyway, they all sleep with me and there is no more space on the bed :slight_smile:

Google Photos

(Marianne) #815

Are these the terroriers? They are adorable!!!


(Wendy) #816

You can always tell when Franny is totally content! :heart:

(Susan) #817

Awww, I just feel like hugging all of these beautiful dogs, they are all adorable and look well-loved =).

(Ashley) #818

Zero this morning letting me know he’s ready for a walk!

(Marianne) #819

Honey! Don’t mind us, we’ll just sit on the floor.

:rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Ashley) #820


I’ve had a bad case of the flu for a few days. Bella is making sure that I get plenty of rest by napping on top of me.

(Anna ) #822

Yes. They are all rescues and terrier mixes. Terroriers. I hike with them and they all have to be on leashes because of the high prey drive. It’s not easy, every walk is a hunt for them.

Google Photos

(Wendy) #823

You should gather the photos, from month to month and make a calendar! I just Love the terrier gang photos! I would buy 1!!!

(Ashley) #824

I love them too :slight_smile: their adorable lol.

(Marianne) #825

They are all adorable! Love them all but the little guy with the red collar and the pug mix (?) have my heart. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: