Your dogs - let's see them

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I may have to follow Mr. Boomer!

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Ummmm… Best thread ever. Not like I wasn’t addicted to this forum before, but now, I’ll never leave!!! I have to keep checking back to see everyone’s pets. :dog2: :cat2:

(Arlene) #44

What an adorable dog. What breed is this?

(paul ) #45

Coton de tulear

(Arlene) #46

I knew it. I have loved those dogs from afar for years. They are so beautiful, and seem to have fabulous personalities. Wish I could afford one.

(Arlene) #47

Is this a puppy photo, or full grown?

(paul ) #48

4 months

(John Somsky aka KetoGrinder) #49

Yep they look pretty similar.

(KB Keto) #50

yay dogs

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Annie is my older dog. She’s 9 years old now; I’ve had her about 6 years. She’s a shelter/rescue dog.

Mango is a chi-mix. She’s 7 months old.

Pumpkin is Mango’s sister (my daughter’s pup), also about 7 months old.

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That’s awesome - All 3 of those in the original post are rescues and we had one other dog that passed away who was also a rescue.

This is Bear - our first adoption. We lost him in 2013.

(Clare) #56

This is Kim. She’s some percentage border collie and we suspect there’s a bit of undetermined terrier in there, based on the fact that she’s nuts.

She is my best pal.

(Ren) #57

This is my grumpy old man. He is an asshole but he is my asshole

(Heather) #58

The chocolate lab is Bailey and the mutt in the foreground is Harley. They are 4 and 10 yrs old and insist on rough housing on a regular basis.

(Roxanne) #59

I could watch my guys rough house all day, great entertainment!

(jilliangordona) #60

I am late to the party… here’s my baby girl!


My 12 year old – sweetest girl in the world!