Your dogs - let's see them

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i’m honestly going to use up all of my likes just in this thread :blush:
:dog::heart_eyes: :feet:

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Kimber 3 yrs old … Daughter 17 :slight_smile:

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Love this! Let’s see if I have a pic of all of them. Penny, Tige, Ziggy, Gimlet, Bosi, and Lucy. All rescues.

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My Rosie - rescued from the shelter 12/29. They said she is 2 but I think she is younger. Isn’t she pretty?

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Some shots of my pups from a hike we took today with my wife to some local ponds! The American Staffy is Dexter and the Chihuahua Whippet (best guess lol) is Little Dude!

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These are my babies. Charlee is the Tri-color. He’s 9. Mylo is the chocolate color. He’s 10. We adopted Mylo 3 years ago and have had Charlee since he was a puppy.

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I’m always happy to share pictures of our baby! This is Chaucer. He turned 10, last month.

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We don’t have a dog, but we borrow our neighbour’s dog Maggie and take her for walks during the week while they are out at work. Here she is in a wheat field last summer.

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Great photo!

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Thanks, her owners loved it as well so I had it printed up as a Christmas present for them

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So many doodles!!! Boomer has his own Instagram, find him at: @boomgoesthedoodle

@jdsomsky ours could be twins!

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Beautiful doodle pics. I have a golden doodle. I would love to post a pic, but I don’t really know how. Probably my 7 year old grand child could show me. :slight_smile:

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Hehehe, yes - have her show you!

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in an effort to see more dogs… :smile: :heart_eyes:

if you are on a computer once you start a reply there is a little arrow with a line under it at the top of the reply box…click that and it will ask you to choose files OR you can do a direct copy/paste.

if you are on a tablet or phone once you start a reply there is an “upload” button bottom right of the reply box.

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Thank you Mikki. I see the icon you are talking about. I will work on getting some pics loaded onto my computer so I can post them. Modern technology is way over my head. What’s worse, I’m just not interested in banging my head to learn it, unless it’s something I really need. There are some things I can do without much effort, like music. My husband would bang his head if he tried to learn music, but the computer doesn’t bother him at all.

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Can’t imagine a life without dogs…our current two include a 9-year old golden doodle (Echo) and a 4 year old golden retriever (Yukon)

Yukon, in typical retriever fashion, must have something in his mouth at all times. He is particularly fond of stuffed animals and must have one in his mouth to fall asleep.

We make them wear bright vests during deer hunting season so they don’t get mistaken for white-tailed deer when they run through the woods!